NAAGIN 6 Written Update Pratha Saves Rishab From Prathna’s Attack

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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Prathna attacks Rishabh at the start of the episode. Pratha chooses to visit Naag Mahal. From Naag Mahal, Rudra hears Anmol’s voice. He walks inside and orders the snake to leave. Anmol embraces him. Pratha approaches the Naag Mahal. She notices a Naagin pursuing Rishabh. Pratha transforms into a Naagin and saves Rishabh from Prathna. Rishabh wonders why these snakes are fighting.

Are they planning to murder Rishab Naagin 6

Rishabh passes out while Prathna goes. Pratha caresses Rishabh, curing him and giving him senses. Rishabh inquires as to how she arrived here. Pratha said Anmol was here, so I came to see her and then noticed you. Rishabh believes I was severely injured but that everything has vanished. He becomes perplexed. They are met by Anmol and others.

Rishabh says in the room, “I now believe that Naag and Nagin live in Naag Mahal.” Pratha is taken aback and inquires as to the reason. Rishabh claims that a nagin attacked him today and that a nagin attacked him on the day of Prathna’s wedding, as well as a shesh nagin capable of opening the shesh chamber. Pratha is taken aback. Rishabh previously stated, “I didn’t believe in all of this, but I am shocked to see there is another world, but I will definitely find the naagin.” Pratha is shocked and recalls her wedding day and how she kept a big secret from Rishabh about her naagin status. Pratha considers telling Rishabh in some way. Anmol arrives to summon them for rituals. They all leave for terrace.

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When the moon rises all the couples gather to break the fast

Pratha considers how to inform Rishabh that Prathna is their daughter and that she is a naagin herself. Rishabh coaxes her out of her thoughts and then flirts with her. They are adored by Anmol. When the moon rises, all the couples gather to break the fast. Anmol tells Rudra that she, too, wishes to have a love story like Rishabh and Pratha. Rudra receives a call and steps aside for a moment.

They all finish the ritual, and Rudra believes that only the moon knows my true feelings for Prathna. Prathna develops rashes on her hands as a result of the moon. Pratha notices Prathna is having difficulty and goes to help her. Prathna claims it’s just rashes and that it happens from time to time. Pratha tells him to apply some ointment.

Later, Pratha visits the Naag Mahal and confronts Taksh about some naagin attacking her husband. Taksh says you’ll find out in time.

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