Naagin 3 ending plot: Know More Here

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Shivangi confides her problems to Shraavni in the final episode of Naagin 3 when Mihir enters the room with Ritik and Rocky. They were imprisoned, according to Mihir. Shivangi learns the truth from Ritik, who then informs her that he may pass away peacefully now that she is aware of everything. He is informed by Shraavni that he is not need to leave and Shivanya, his true love, has returned. In her arms, Ritik is lying. He is made youthful by Shivanya, and they then depart.

Rocky then chastises Shivangi for not having enough faith in him. She apologises to him and puts the blame on her situation. Shivangi gives the crown to Shraavni and the “naagmani” before she decides to continue on with him. She appoints Shraavni to be the final queen of the “naglok” and warns her about the obligations that come with holding the position. Vishakha, Mihir, and Shraavni give each other hugs.

Mihir asks Shraavni to go home with him, but she replies that she wants to visit Bholenath’s temple to give thanks to the Lord for putting an end to their problems. Later, Shraavni explains to Vish that although though Tamsi, Shesha, and Sumitra were from different generations, they still decided to kill the “naagmani” rather than flee with it. She informs Vish that the game has not yet been won and won’t be until their foes’ true motivations are discovered.

To combat Shraavni, Tamsi, Shesha, and Sumitra team together. Immediately following her prayer, Shraavni discovers Markande baba in front of her. The history of Naagvansh and the first “naag” is revealed to Shraavni. He recounts how their original “naag” battled against all the enemies, but some serpents slipped into his realm and now seek to destroy Shraavni. He adds that the ‘naagmani’ is secure for the next 50 years, but the risk will rise after that, and cautions Shraavni to safeguard herself.

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For the sake of preserving “naagmani,” Markande Baba commands Shraavni to battle the demonic serpents. The setting changes. It is evident that Mahir and Shraavni are getting hitched. In order to prevent her from losing her superpowers, she explains to him that it was agreed they would get married that very night. Shraavni informs the entire family that she is a naagin when they are seated at the “mandap.” At that very moment, Shesha, Tamsi, and Sumitra enter and request the “naagmani.” Vishakha and Mahir are tasked with looking after the family till Shraavni returns.

Taking them to the temple, Shraavni engages in a fierce battle to defend the “naagmani” alongside Tamsi, Shesha, and Sumitra.

With the blade Markande Baba had given to her, Shraavni finally defeats them all after a protracted struggle. Shraavni then goes home to wed Mahir. Vishakha receives a thank-you note from the woman later. Vishakha then makes a vow of vengeance against Shraavni and enters a temple. While keeping her focus on the “naagmani,” she makes fun of the latter for believing that she is a friend. After 50 years, Vishakha chooses to come back in order to claim the “naagmani.”



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