Must Watch Korean Dramas

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Korean Dramas that are a must watch.

K-dramas, also known as Korean dramas, are worth viewing since they offer a variety of benefits. First, there is the overall, cultural influence to take into account. K-dramas and K-movies are growing in popularity all over the world. Korean dramas are renowned for their compelling narratives and dramatic plot twists. They may quickly go from being too sentimental. To being profoundly upsetting to being what was that?” Here, is a list of the top K-dramas of all time. If you’re familiar with the most well-known K-dramas. Check out our selection of the top Korean series coming to Netflix in 2023.

Korean Dramas that are a must watch

Duty After School

This gripping drama series, which is based on a well-liked webcomic, depicts a conflict between mankind and extraterrestrial invaders. Duty After School follows a group of teenagers who are required to divert their focus from their college entrance examinations in order to participate in military training. Duty After School is directed by The Empire’s Im Se-mi as high school instructor Park Eun-young. A fresh wave of creatures soon arrives on earth, forcing them into combat.

In the next series, a number of up-and-coming actors play pupils. Including Kim Ki-hae, and Ahn Do-kyu, who is best known for the BL series Blueming. With Kim Su-Hyeon from Weak Hero Class 1, among others. Kwon Eun-bin (previously of CLC) and Sohee from ALICE, two idol performers, also play supporting parts.

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Delivery Man


The quirky new drama Delivery Man centers on taxi driver Seo Young-min (All Of Us Are Dead’s Yoon Chan-young), who operates a unique business granting the dying wishes of ghosts. He soon encounters the spirit of a young woman who has forgotten her memories, Kang Ji-hyun (Girl’s Day singer Bang Min-ah).

Ji-Hyun starts working with Young-min in his company since he can’t get out of the cab. Doctor Do Kyu-jin (Kim Min-Seok) of the emergency room begins to worry that horrible supernatural occurrences are taking place at his place of employment.

Business Proposal

Meet the newly appointed president of GO Food, Kang Tae-mu, a meticulous workaholic. Meet Shin Ha-ri, a recent hire at the firm who has a crush on Lee Min-woo, a buddy from college. Shin Ha-ri’s best friend Jin Young-seo persuades her to go on a blind date with Kang Tae-mu in her place. Despite the fact that she has other interests. However, things become problematic when Shin Ha-ri realizes she is going on a date with her boss, and she does everything she can to put him off. Things get much more challenging when Jin Young-seo continues to believe Kang Tae-mu is her buddy Jin Young-seo and refuses to be discouraged by anything Kang Tae-mu says. The charming and hilarious K-drama Business Proposal will quench your need for rom-com.


This contemporary zombie story is packed with shocks at every turn. Beginning with the fact that it is one of the few plays that recognize the COVID-19 epidemic. Officer Yoon Sae-bom (Han Hyo-joo) has always wanted her own apartment. So when the opportunity arises to move into a high-rise with her high-school buddy. Detective Jung Yi-hyun, she jumps at it. (Park Hyung-sik). Soon after they arrive, a contagious disease spreads over the country. Sickening people and making them hooked to human blood. After the apartment building is quarantined, Sae-bom and Yi-hyun work to keep the oddball residents in line.

The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

Yoon Dan-oh’s youngest child, Shin, is from a wealthy family whose comfortable way of life abruptly changes one day. She is compelled to take on the role of the family’s primary provider and starts hosting students who are pursuing careers as high-ranking officials at a guest home.
Kang San , Kim Si Yeol, and Jeong Yoo Ha are some of the scholars. (Jung Gun-joo, Monthly Magazine Home). Along with their studies, they collaborate with Dan-oh to find a missing girl.

Mr. Queen

The culinary genius of the twenty-first century Jang Bong-hwan has a reputation for being a womanizer. With an ego as big as the ocean. His slick attitude, which makes one want to roll their eyes, has some justification. He is the wealthy head chef for the president of South Korea. However, Bong-hwan’s pride gets him into trouble politically, and he flees the police. He nearly drowns in the swimming pool of his residence.

After the accident, Bong-hwan awakens in a new body and at a different time. He is in a woman’s body from the Joseon dynasty in the 1800s. To further complicate matters, he lives in the body of Kim So-Yong, the notorious queen of Joseon. Bong-hwan must discover the paranormal mystery of this body swap and deal with King Cheoljong his truly annoying husband who has secrets of his own, in order to survive the competitive realm of palace politics.

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