Music sensation Ashwani Sharma aka Alex Upadhyay creates ripples in the music industry

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Ashwani Sharma aka Alex Upadhyay

Social Media being a boon to mankind has recently witnessed tremendous growth with a lot of talent emerging as influencers and creators of this ever increasing digital space. However, it is a platform that can make anyone go viral or make a star overnight. All it requires is just one creation to hit the right spot at the right time. Ashwani Sharma is one such young music composer and singer who with his impeccable talent and music has created ripples in the music industry. Popularly known as Alex Upadhyay, Ashwani made his debut music in the year 2019, with his music composition, Crime People.    

The journey from an aimless teenager to being an internet sensation requires an extraordinary hard work, sleepless nights and a lot of determination. And Ashwani, to everyone’s surprise, broke all the barriers and made himself where he is today- a well-known music sensation.

Hailing from Baran, India, Ashwani has been inclined towards the world of music since he was five years old. At such a young age, he started working on refining his skills and vocals which transformed his passion  towards a full-time profession. Today, he is popular as a musician, composer, and rapper across millions. Till 2018, Alex used to do live shows and concerts and wrote many songs like Allah Ve, Crime People but his songs were not able to garner much attention. But it did not stop the latter from losing hope and he once again made a strong comeback with his songs like Pehli Mulakat, Rehne Bhi Do, and Mujhse Khafa all of which were a massive hit among the audiences. Moreover, Alex Upadhyay is known for writing his own songs, which includes “Mujhse Khafa”, “Rehne Bhi Do”, “Talk love”, “Dear Hattar” and every other song from his debut. Not only a talented singer, he is also a video editor and edits all of his music albums on his own. 

People all over the world are loving his work and Ashwani has become a burning topic of discussion among social media platforms garnering a massive fan following over time. Not only this, this renowned music composer has also become an inspiration for the youth, who are aspiring to pursue their career in music or music production. 

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When asked about the idea behind his successful composition Alex says, “This lockdown and pandemic has made me super creative and has got a chance to attract and connect with a vast audience online”. While people were stressing over the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, he took his rapping game and skills to another level to attract an audience and to bring a smile on their faces. And this extra-ordinary courage and will power of entertaining people even during the hard times of global pandemic have gained him a massive fan following. This young man is hopeful for his upcoming endeavours and is keen to explore the world of music that the viral video would bring him more work and is keen to explore the world of music.

Currently,  Ashwani is focusing on composing some great music compositions and is surely going to become a huge name in the music fraternity. His songs are available on spotify and other music platforms to listen to and will surely make anyone groove on their feet.  

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