Mumbai Gynecologist loses Rs.1 Cr in online crypto trading

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A Mumbai gynecologist loses Rs 1.1 crore in an online cryptocurrency trading fraud and gets arrested after a year. A 46-year-old doctor from Mumbai lost Rs 1.1 crore after being duped by an online dating scam. The woman claimed to be an expert in bitcoin trading and persuaded the doctor to invest his money with her advice. As instructed, the doctor opened a trading account and purchased numerous cryptocurrencies.

When he attempted to redeem his profits, he was required to pay taxes and commissions. The doctor ultimately recognized he had been duped and filed a police report. An investigation is now being conducted. After meeting a lady online, investing in cryptocurrencies, and trading on her advice, a 46-year-old doctor lost Rs 1.1 crore. In his recent complaint to the crime branch’s central cybercrime police station, he stated that Rs 28 lakh of the missing money was a loan from a friend.

The Mumbai’s Doctor was scammed through a fake crypto expert profile

The senior gynecologist from central Mumbai’s ordeal began on August 13, last year, when he received a message concerning crypto trading via Facebook messaging from one Melissa Campbell. The doctor had heard about crypto and was intrigued by it. They began speaking, and Campbell claimed to be an expert in cryptocurrency trading. She promised him a good profit, suggested opening a trading account, and gave him her WhatsApp number.

According to the police, he provided information such as his phone number, email address, and driver’s license. The doctor transferred the cryptocurrency to another wallet address at Campbell’s request to maximize profit/trade. When he realized he had made a profit, he requested that it be redeemed. He was informed that he needed to pay taxes and a commission.

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According to the authorities, the doctor borrowed around Rs 28 lakh from a buddy. He confronted one demand after another until he realized he wasn’t going to get his money back. The deception continued until October 14. He was furious and informed Campbell he would make a complaint.

After nearly a year, the doctor finally addressed the police and filed an FIR for cheating under the IPC and punishment by personation utilizing computer resources under the IT Act. Lakhmi Gautam, joint commissioner of the crime branch, senior inspector Rajesh Nagwade, and inspector Santosh Khadke are in charge of the investigation. According to the authorities, the complainant transmitted cryptocurrency to Campbell’s wallet address 32 times. The police are gathering information on the wallet that was used in the crime.

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