MTV Roadies 19: Prince Narula confronts Gautam and Riya on the sets of Roadies 19, even apologizes in front of everyone

MTV's reality show Roadies offers different content to entertain the people.


MTV Roadies 19 has been launched. MTV Roadies, a program that challenges young people with challenging tasks and incisive questions, has begun its 19th season. numerous videos related to this show have come out. The tagline of this time’s Roadies season is Karma Ya Kand. further than one bigwigs are coming into the show to impress the gang leaders. Prince confronts Gautam- Riya It’s frequently seen that in any reality show, there’s a fierce fight between the rivals, but in Roadies, only rear Ganga is seen flowing.

Some Glimpse of MTV Roadies 19

A videotape related to the show has surfaced, in which it can be seen that the gang leaders disaccorded with each other. Prince Narula got into a fight with Gautam Gulati and Rhea Chakraborty. The videotape of the debate is going viral on social media. The argument between Prince, Riya, and Gautam In’ Roadies 19′, there was a hassle between the gang leaders. Prince Narula wanted to have cotillion Peri Sheetal in his platoon. Rhea and Gautam, on the other hand, weren’t in favor of it and wouldn’t give Peri a chance.   Also, Prince started arguing with Gautam and Riya.

Huge Fight Between All the Three Gang Leaders

Riya asked Prince to apologize to her. Prince asks Rhea and Gautam to press the buzzer so that he can have Peri Sheetal in his platoon. But both of them didn’t agree to this. Then Prince became furious after that and yelled. Riya gets angry with the way Prince addresses her. She asked  Prince to apologize to him, to which the Prince said,” Why should I apologize, I haven’t done anything, nor are you my friend.”

Following Riya, Prince, and Gautam had a falling out. Prince said,” Gautam does not want me to win Big Boss. One person will win Bigg Boss, while the other will win Sigma Bigg Boss, according to Gautam. Prince got angry on hearing this, and said’ One is the winner of Bigg Boss and the other is the winner of all the shows.’ Riya also jumped into this fight. She says to the Prince,” You talk gibberish about me outdoors.” The Prince denies her allegations and tells Gautam,” Do not hang me.” Gautam smiles with folded hands.,” Hey Joe, I’m hanging you, do you feel my face?

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Sonu Sood ended the fight

On this Prince says that all this doesn’t suit your family. Prince and Gautam both raise their voices in this debate. Riya Chakraborty gets worried due to his loud voice and closes her cognizance. On seeing this, Prince says,” If it hurts, come wearing cotton in your observance.” Amidst all this, Sonu Sood presses the buzzer and Perry again joins Prince’s gang.

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