Money Heist Season 5: Who Is The Real Father Of Sierra’s Baby?

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Money Heist is practically ready for the premiere of its season 5 on the Netflix platform, so questions from fans have been returning, such as the pregnancy of Alicia Sierra ( Najwa Nimri ) and the father of her baby.

Alicia Sierra made her first appearance during season 3 of Money Heist, as a police inspector who has pending revenge against the assailant group. The funny thing was that her entry was like pregnant.

Which led some fans to wonder if he was faking it, while others were convinced that the boy might be linked to the team in some way.

However, during the paper house season 4 in episode 4, she revealed to Libon ( Itziar Ituño ) that the child she was expecting was from her late husband, German, who died of cancer.

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Sierra said, “He’s dead. Pancreatic cancer. Of those in which they tell you that you have two months and it is two months. I was getting fat, he was losing weight. I was pink and he was yellow. It consumed him.

Money Heist Season 5

“Life grew within me and death grew in him. But I guess that’s cancer.

“Do you know the last thing he said to me? Can you believe his last words were ‘Turn on the news’ “?

However, viewers have never been shown who German is in any images or flashbacks from the show. This has led some to believe that it could somehow be Berlin ( Pedro Alonso ). The main doubt is the name of the character:

“Sierra, while mentioning her husband’s name, called him German, which sounds very similar to Germany, and Berlin is the capital of Germany.

But the reality is that all fans must wait for the premiere of Money Heist season 5 on the Netflix platform to find out the truth behind this mystery that has not yet convinced everyone.

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