Money Heist Season 5: Release Date, Story And What We Can Expect?

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Money Heist or La Casa De Papel at Spain is among the most popular heist drama series emerging on Netflix. Originally started on Spanish community Antena 3 from 2 May 2017 during 23 November 2017. After that, Netflix gained global streaming rights in late 2017 and made it among the most popular originals. The show is about a group of robbers who try to carry out an ambitious plan which involves stealing 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. Until now, Money Heist has complete 4 seasons that have created craziness among fans. Money Heist Season 4 has been released on Netflix worldwide on April 3rd, 2020, and had eight episodes in total.

Will Money Heist Season 5 Come Soon?

The highly-anticipated fourth part of La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) landed on the streaming platform on April 3 in total. However, viewers already binging the series and are desperate to understand whether season five was verified yet.

Is Money Heist Season 5 confirmed?

Yes. Netflix would bring Money Heist Season 5 for its audiences. Money Heist is in buzz anywhere. So Netflix will leave no stone unturned with this popular series Next Seasons.

Money Heist will be the next successful series for Netflix if made. It will be throwing money down the drain when they didn’t press on with a few of their most popular originals of all-time.

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It isn’t confirmed by the head honchos in Netflix Head Quarters yet.

When will Money Heist Season 5 release on Netflix?

With an expected delay in filming, we are likely going to see the show return at some point in 2021.

However, as per most Netflix Original projects, they’re currently on hold until the Coronavirus outbreak concludes. That could lead to the delayed release date.

Money Heist Season 5

What will the fifth season of Money Heist be about?

On account of the nature of the show’s production, viewers have now seen two distinct heists, each crossing across two seasons for a total of four components. While the very first heist more or less went to strategy, the same can not be said for the way we left things inside the Bank of Spain at the end of season 4.

Nairobi’s (Alba Flores) implementation was a significant riff from the final episodes, shattering the heart group and also exacerbating the chaos within the bank even further. Then came the extraction of Raquel in the government which saw her radically re-enter the bank, although the Professor was simultaneously discovered by rogue police officer Alicia Sierra.

It’s not inconceivable to believe that, given we’ve seen two heists for each set of seasons, the forthcoming Money Heist season 5 and possible season 6 will reveal exactly the identical format, possibly focusing on a new heist collectively together, possibly even internationally. But that can not be started until the ends of season 4 are tied up first. The series also loves to innovate at a non-linear approach to story-telling, so we could see Nairobi return (similar to Berlin’s character did in the later seasons) after all.

Viewers also likely didn’t observe the sudden easter egg waiting for them just seconds after the credits rolled on season 4 — a unique rendition of Bella Ciao’ by Money Heist actress herself, Najwa Nimri (who plays the above police officer that outed the Professor in the last scene). Given that it had been previously only sung onscreen by those loyal to the cause, would this be a sign the Sierra would be joining the Professor and his group for season 5? Only time will tell, but if so, that’d shake up the dynamics of the following season.

Showrunner Alex Piña also floated the concept of spinoffs using Oprah Magazine, which would be a likely outcome if season 5 of Money Heist was to only wrap up the narrative in one succinct and dramatic send-off rather than embark on a new adventure.

“We do have many chances for a few spinoffs, yes, and I think that’s thanks to its robust and powerful identities of the characters. We’ve always looked for characters to have an extremely complex, layered design. So I think virtually every part of Money Heist includes a duality which we would love to see in a spinoff. We could watch any of them in other contexts.”

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