Money Heist Season 5: Confirmed Release Date And About Money Heist Series

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Confirmed! There will be a fifth season of’La casa de Papel or Money Heist with just two new leading signings: Patrick Criado and Miguel Ángel Silvestre. The fourth season of La casa de Papel came to Netflix at the start of April to produce the quarantine more bearable. An additional installment, Alex Pina’s series has been merged among the most successful on the platform along with a Spanish fiction capable of enthralling thousands of individuals throughout the world.

After eight episodes locked up in the Bank of Spain, La casa de Papel said goodbye with several unknowns to be resolved. In the absence of confirmation of a fifth, the conclusion of the fourth season left the doors wide open into a new installment. Among the loose ends, the Last meeting between Alicia Sierra along with the Professor, the entry of Lisbon to the Bank of Spain (what was the Strategy?), The destiny of Gandía, Arturito, along with the hostages, the death of Nairobi…

Netflix has announced via EW which La casa de Papel (Money Heist) will have a fifth season, an installment that will put an end to the bank robbery of the Bank of Spain and, for now, is going to be the final in the series made by Alex Pina. Will the goodbye to Tokyo and the company is final? We do not know whether a future installation with a different heist and a renewed cast would be possible.

Filming with this Last season starts next Monday in Denmark before moving on to Spain and Portugal.

The North American book has also advanced two new signings for the newest episodes: Patrick Criado along with Miguel Ángel Silvestre. It’s unknown, yes, what part his personalities will play in the fifth section, but Pina assures he will constantly search for new personalities with an intelligence capable of facing that of the Professor (Álvaro Morte).

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Money Heist Season 5

Criado recently starred in the series Live Without The Invisible Line as he prepares to return to TV using Riot Gear. Silvestre, meanwhile, has 30 coins pending release, with Álex de la Iglesia, and Sky Rojo, Pina’s new wager for Netflix.

About Money Heist Series

Under the advice of the”Professor” from the Netflix series”House of Money”, a group of robbers is planning bank robberies on a large scale. You may read more in the episode guide.

“Money Heist” has been the very first broadcast on the Spanish channel Antena 3, until Netflix procured the global streaming rights to the series, making it a global hit. Now everyone knows the gangsters in red overalls and the Salvador Dalí mask.

“The Professor” organizes a robbery. Eight specialists are supposed to help him. It’s not a bank that’s attacked, as supposed, but the banknote printing business in Spain. The aim is to print your banknotes worth 2.4 billion euros. The program has to be well thought out, since it takes the group 11 days to finish the entire raid. In order to not be exposed, the criminals decide to use aliases. They are named after the cities of Tokyo, Berlin, Rio, Helsinki, Oslo, Moscow, Denver, and Nairobi.

Money Heist Season 5: Confirmed Release Date

It is not yet apparent when season 5 of”House of Money” will begin on Netflix. Filming for the new episodes began in early August, despite the corona pandemic. According to Netflix, the 5th season will also be released in one fell swoop. To start with 10 episodes need to be shot before a fixed release date can be expected. We currently expect a book in spring 2021.

Money Heist: Is There A Spin-off Coming?

The end of”House of Money” does not need to mean saying goodbye to popular characters, because a spin-off is under discussion. You do not need to be concerned about further tales from the”House of Money” world-class.

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