Money Heist Season 5: A photo announces the resurrection of Berlin?

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

The release of money heist season 5 is imminent. Fans are starting to get impatient and keep wondering if the rumors circulating through social media are true.

Lovers of money heist, a famous Spanish series, expect a possible resurrection of Berlin. Could it be possible that he is still alive?

Berlin still alive in money heist season 5?

A small summary of season 4 of money heist

Oslo and Nairobi have been carrying out a very dangerous mission for a long time. They are robbers. Berlin was one of their colleagues, but he strangely disappears at the end of the second season. This is a situation that fans find it hard to come to terms with.

But who is the character of Berlin?

This character was recognized by his arrogant behavior and his unusual whims. With its peculiarities, it easily takes the place of one of the heroes.

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He does not even hesitate to make a great sacrifice: that of helping the other members of the group to flee. Moreover, he suffered from a serious disease: Helmer’s muscular dystrophy.

However, the script never disclosed what happened to the body of the Professor’s brother after being shot several times. It may thus be that Berlin was helped by Colonel Prieto.

Would Berlin still be alive in season 5?

Lovers of money heist try to believe that Berlin is still alive. They might not be content with flashbacks alone. They even expect real appearances from the character.

These claims are not just rumors. These viewers have some evidence, such as a highlighted photo on the actor’s (Pedro Alonso) Instagram account.

He even expressed his joy at finally being able to meet Palermo, the interpreter.

Almost every money heist fan would expect a happy ending for the heroes of the heist in the 5th or even 6th season of money heist.

Moreover, Alex Piña, the director of the Netflix series Sky Rojo, has already pointed out that this coming season will be the most heroic of those that have appeared so far.

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