Money Heist Part 5 Volume Trailer Breakdown In-depth

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Money Heist 5 is set to release on Netflix this September and the expectations are very high. Now, Money Heist decided to split the season into two volumes in which the second is slated to release in December. Money Heist creators do want to sustain the hype but I don’t think it is necessary because, despite the language barrier, Bella Ciao immediately triggers everyone to the show. Netflix released the trailer just now and I noticed some interesting details that weren’t clear with the teaser released a few months ago.

Money Heist Part 5 Trailer Breakdown

The first thing to notice in the new Money Heist Part 5 is that the professor is indeed caught and captured and is having a worse time than any of the cast and crew combined. With the professor caught by Alicia Sierra, there is no one more qualified to lead the team other than Lisbon. We have already witnessed her take charge and successfully return to the heist and while the professor is gone for good, some needs to pull together the gang of misfits. The trailer showcases the latest season to be more than a robbery and hints at a full-fledged war between the military, who has been instructed to enter the museum’s premises using brute force, and the team.

Tokyo, Denver, Helsinki, Rio are all showcased gearing up for the war and there is a brief moment where Helsinki goes all berserk with an LMG and opens fires against the army. Helsinki and other team members are traumatized by the death of Nairobi and they are shown channeling their sorrow and anger in the last fight. On the other side, the professor is having a difficult time coping up with the inspector who is using excessive interrogation techniques and torture elements, which were the reason she was brought into season 4 of la casa de Papel.

The Money Heist Part 5 trailer showcases what seems to be a flashback that features Berlin’s cameo appearance in the show. It also displays a final bout between Tokyo and Gandia, the covert operative who made all hell break loose for the gang in the last season. His condition isn’t good now because he is being treated with the same fate as he did with Tokyo. Gandia did kill a crucial member of the gang in the last season that cemented the hate towards him even more. Money Heist part 5 volume 2 is just a month away from being released on Netflix globally.

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