Money Heist :A Show That Resurrected From A Flop Series To One Of The Most Loved And Successful Series

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Money heist at present is one of the most loved and watched series all around the world. The series is all set for its 5th season after successfully running for 4 season.

Money heist at present is one of the most loved and watched series all around the world. The series is all set for its 5th season after successfully running for 4 season. It has become a global phenomenon. The series has really surprised the world with its cast, acting skills, planned heist and storyline.

But Money heist also known as La Casa De Papel. It was a show that was flop at first and was completely resurrected by its fans. The story was supposed to be a limited series. Rating of the series plummeted over its run before it fell into obscurity.

Ahead of its upcoming two parts final we trace it’s journey from being a flop show that was about to shutdown. To a show that globally received so much love and support.

The Show had a normal beginning

La Casa de Papel (House of Paper)was originally premiered on Antenna 3 in 2017. This Spanish Tv series gather over 4.3 million viewers. Intended to be a 15 episode lengthy show. At first it gained a lot of viewership The creators were certain that they have to cancel this show. Writer Javier Gómez Santander tagged the sequence a flop, calling it “story of a failure”. Santander & show creator, Alex Pina, mourned  over their show La Casa De Papel. According to them the show has so many things to offer and that it being cancelled before time pains their heart. There was no way to save the sinking boat of La Casa De Papel.

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Netflix Saved the Show

Netflix came as the knight in shining armor for saving the show. Thanks to Netflix it saw potential on this Spanish Tv series and brought it under their wings. Netflix is the key to Money Heist story of a hit series rising from the ashes. The OTT platform brought the show in $2. Yes that’s right these is what Netflix paid for the show. Netflix added the show in its library without any sort of promotion . But they added English subtitles and cut the show short from 70 minutes to 30-40 mins. It matched the American Television standard timing. Money heist was dropped with two season which was a brilliant move . In less than 2 weeks people started binge watching the show like crazy. And in 4 months the show became worldwide hit.

Worldwide Success

The shows creator and actors were surprised by the amount of fan following they were receiving. They were surprised when when Netflix signed a global deal with them, ordered more season. Plus  of Money Heist, and increased the show’s budget. These heist series revolve around professor who comes with plan and a perfect team to rob the most protected and safe places in Spain. Their outfit crimson jump suit & Salvador Dali Mask .Became the signature outfit for the fandom of Money Heist. It is at present the 2nd most watched show globally with an Imdb rating of 8.3 .

In the documentary ‘The Phenomenon’, the cast and crew share how they parted methods not anticipating to return to the units of La Casa De Papel.

It was like playing a gamble for Netflix to pick up a show that was almost closed. But Netflix hardwork paid and now they are receiving more money than they actually invested. The show is loved in France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Portugal. It’s a massive success in North Africa, Middle East and Turkey. And thanks to pandemic it’s gained huge popularity and fans even in India.

The part 1 of season 5 will be released on Netflix in September 3 and part 2 will be released on December 3 .

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