Mission Majnu Review: Weak Storyline Reduce Shershah Charm

Siddharth Malhotra Mission Majnu failed to make an impression on the audience with a weak storyline but a strong Patratiosm movie.

Sidharth Malhotra still from Mission Majnu

Sidharth Malhotra made a quite good impression on Kurta Pajama and Kajal in the eye. Siddharth Malhotra portrays the role of a RAW agent in his latest movie Mission Majnu. Actor Sidharth is undercover in the name of Tariq, a tailor in Pakistan. The main mission of Tariq is to find a nuclear facility in Pakistan. Many twists and turns in plots let the enthusiasm high. The ending of the film is boosted with “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and heroic action. The scene is emotional and exciting. Still, the movie has too many loopholes which can be noticed by everyone. Eventually, this leads to a bad experience.

Shantanu Bagchi, Director of the film pays a tribute to all heroes who serve the nation without any expectation and uniform from the nation.  The film is released before Independence Day, so everyone remembers The Unsung Hero. Mission Majnu streaming on Netflix. The main protagonist of the film is Sidharth Malhotra(Tariq). Alongside Sidharth, we can see Rashmika Mandanna(Nasreen). Rashmika portrays the important and emotional role of Tariq’s wife. Sharib Hashmi and Kumud Mishra played the supported role and yet important roles. Sidharth did not leave a single critic to impress with his acting. But couldn’t match the charm of Vikram Batra in Shershah. 

Synopsis of Mission Majnu

Mission Majnu is based in the ’70s period when India tested the nuclear bomb. The action of India didn’t like by western countries and have to face many sanctions and shut down its operation. But Pakistan realizes this is an alarming moment. So they decided to make their first atomic bomb. Pakistan within a flash set up the nuclear plant under the nose of India. India got the news and decided to locate the nuclear plant and expose the reality of Pakistan.

India already had spies in Pakistan for years. In order to carry out the operation India choose Amandeep Singh (Tariq). Amandeep Singh already suffered a lot because of his father’s deeds and wanted to do penance for him. Tariq took some life-dependent risks for India which can cost a life. But he completed his mission and made sure his wife who was 8 months pregnant was safe. At the end of the film realizes there are many unsung heroes who don’t get a respected death.

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