Mirzapur Season 3: What to Expect, Plot Theories, Possible Twists Explained

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Trust Mirzapur to leave you hanging and wait for more. The endless mind games and never-ending twists certainly add to the entertainment quotient of the show. While the audience eagerly awaited Season 2, now that season 2 is here, the only question is; When will Mirzapur Season 3 come? Not to fear as it is definitely on the cards of the production house. The second season was satisfying and solved several queries and opened several other doors: so many questions and such a few answers.

Mirzapur is the game of the throne. It was hereditary at first, but with chaos sweeping over Mirzapur, it became a battle field. Only time will tell whether a legal heir will sit on the throne or whether Madhuri is pregnant with Munna’s child, bringing the story towards a massive twist. Beena has always wanted her son to sit on the throne of Mirzapur. Currently, Munna has achieved his objective and sits on the throne with pride.

In season 3, Beena could have a secret plot of her own or join with Kaleen Bhaiya to dethrone Guddu. Munna completely smites Madhuri. But despite her personal life, she has managed to take the chair of the Chief Minister with ease. She has made up her mind to avenge the death of her husband, and the world knows hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. In Season 3, Madhuri will associate herself with Kaleen Bhaiya at the most, even though she overheard a conversation he has with JP after the CM’s death.

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Sharad Shukla has been itching to seek revenge on Kaleen Bhaiya, and he plans to use their most vulnerable moment against them. Maqbool has finally turned against the Tripathi family. Sharad does not kill Kaleen Bhaiya. Rather, on the other hand, it saves him. The dilemma as to why this happens has left us open-mouthed. It could be first because he needs help to dethrone Guddu and secondly. After all, they are family despite their differences.

One of the best cliffhangers is the revelation of Chote Tyagi. He is actually alive on the contrary to other statements. In the post-credits, it is revealed that he has taken the place of Bade Tyagi, who was actually shot. Season 3 will also explore his heartbreak as Golu left him. He will either seek vengeance or be content with the power he has received on behalf of his dead twin.

Robin shocked the audience by revealing his name to Dimpy, but that was a clear cut sign that he was serious for the first time. They even make their relationship official by sending out wedding invitations. Robin has his share of secrets that haven’t been looked into. There is a possibility that the character will be explored further to reveal more shades in Mirzapur Season 3.

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