Mirzapur Season 2 Ending Explained: Akhanand Tripathi and Dadda Tyagi Team Up Against Guddu?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Mirzapur has been the most wanted and watched show. Even though Season 1 released two years ago, one of the most asked questions has been when will Mirzapur Season 2 release. And now that it is finally here, the buzz cannot stop. Of course the exceptional acting and the intricate plot has so much to do with the hype.

Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur is your local gangster saga which is filled to the brim with gang battles, chaos and power conflict which is supreme. The conflict arises between the Purvanchal regions most prominent crime family namely the Tripathis and the numerous rivals that tag along with their business. The show has some gruesome images that don’t let you sleep at night along with dark humour dripping from the dialogues. Mirzapur isn’t a show that even tries to show the good vs bad theme that has been running for ages but it showcases characters who are bad and those that are deemed as worse.

Mirzapur Season 2 Ending

Mirzapur Season 2 ends with us looking at only one of the Tripathi men surviving. The eldest of the clan, the grandfather, who was a pervert, is killed at the hands of Beena with aid from Maqbool and Radhiya. Munna has taken it upon himself to find Maqbool and kill him but that’s when Kaleen Bhaiya lets him know that it was his actions that killed the grandfather. After all it was Munna who had killed Maqbool’s mother a while back due to his reckless behaviour.

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Munna and his father have a spat about Kaleen Bhaiya not giving the throne of Mirzapur to Munna and just keeping the decision up in the air and thrusting that feeling right up Munna’s ego. Beena on the other hand makes a call to Guddu and informs him about the happenings at the Tripathi house. This would be an ideal time to attack as there is already conflict between the remaining two Tripathi men.

Guddu’s attack on the Tripathi’s is hindered by a visit from the police but his father saves him from a bullet and Guddu is on his way to meet Golu. Simultaneously in Bihar, Dadda Tyagi finds out about his younger son’s unauthorized opium business with Golu. As a punishment for his offence albeit the first time, Chotte is asked to shoot and kill his uncle who was his right hand in secretly distributing opium.

The fight begins and in the bargain one of Dadda Tyagi’s sons meets his maker and he just assumes that his favourite, Bharat has survived the attack. Munna is adamant that it was his father who sent the cook to kill him although the audience knows it was Beena. But when he comes to the cremation ground and sees his father distraught he cannot bring himself to kill his father. Kaleen Bhaiya then officially announces that he is handing over the reins of the kingdom of Mirzapur to Munna. Just as Munna was trying to digest this news, his happiness is short lived. Guddu and Golu arrive and begin shooting. As a result, Kaleen Bhaiya is severely injured and his rescued by Sharad.

Guddu and Golu kill Munna together. Guddu gets his revenge and makes sure to say the same words Munna had said right before killing Bablu, “I was just waiting for you to open your eyes so I could do this.” They head to the Tripathi mansion and Guddu sits on Kaleen Bhaiya’s throne. The season ends with post credits which shows that it wasn’t Bharat who survived but Shatrughan who is pretending to be his older twin brother.

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