Millie Bobby Brown Shared Some Totally Hilarious Folder Photos Of Her

A few days ago, Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) was filming herself crying after being harassed by a fan. The teenager sometimes has trouble managing her notoriety and living a normal life since the meteoric success of the Netflix series … And it’s even worse when some people force her to enter the heart of her intimacy, which we can easily understand. Fortunately, Millie Bobby Brown now seems to have turned the page on this incident and is smiling again, as evidenced by her recent post on Instagram. The actress shared four photos which perfectly show the effect of “Instagram VS reality” since we can discover two photos files!

If at first glance on the publication, Millie Bobby Brown is very dapper, well made up and dressed, when scrolling through the other pictures, we discover her naturally, without artifice and in a fairly ironic way. The teenager isn’t shy and has shared two hilarious snaps where she shows off a double chin and her little routine to treat her unsightly pimples using heart-shaped patches. In short, we love the natural side of Millie Bobby Brown who interferes in the middle of two other photos in which she appears very well dressed! The Stranger Things star hasn’t lost his sense of humor. Still talking about Millie Bobby Brown, find out which actor she fell in love with.