Mhrw Latest Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Episode Written Update

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Latest Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Episode Written Update

Sulochana makes Puran Poli for Rajni at Deshmukh’s; Rajni says thank you but I was just joking. Sulochana says come sit, have it, and then leave; Rajni has it and says bye, I should leave now.
Sunny packs her bags, Keerti asks where she is going, and Sunny says we are going to our new house, I have rented a house nearby for now and soon. I will buy a new house, Keerti says we will buy our new house together, we will be the best parents.

Mansi thanked Milind for returning our mother, Milind asks if our problem has been resolved. Amruta says Pallavi has sent a message. Esha has been arrested, and all problems have been resolved. Sulochana says let’s pray and thank Bappa, Milind says we will do it Pallavi’s way, and plays a song for aarti.

Raghav asks Sunny Keerti where they are going, Jaya says you tell them, Keerti says Sunny wants to settle on his own, he will work, and we have rented a house too. Pallavi says why to leave this house but, Raghav says you weren’t near me, and when you were, things were messed up. And this house is mine and yours, and if Arjun was alive, this house would be mine and yours.

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He’d stay with me, so why not you and Sunny? If you want to be alone, go ahead. But if the reason is marriage and other nonsense, don’t go, and I won’t let you. Pallavi says Raghav’s house and my shop are both available; Sunny says. “Please, I don’t want another favor; I’ll ask if I need one”. Jaya says it’s a happy time, let’s celebrate at Deshmukh’s. Pallavi agrees on cooking, Keerti says I’ll join you, Pallavi says you go unpack.

Raghav pulls Pallavi close and asks, “Where are you going?” “Let’s finish our thank you process,” Raghav says. Pallavi says, “I have to cook dinner,” Raghav says, “staff will handle that, I’ll be there soon.”

Raghav walks in and closes his eyes, Pallavi asks. Raghav hands her an envelope, Pallavi opens it, it’s an admission form, Raghav says fashion designing institute admission form. She says thank you, Raghav says now that you’ve said thank you, it’s welcome time. Pallavi says Dilip walks in and asks Pallavi what to cook. She replies, “I’ll come you go,” to which Raghav responds, “Let’s go, I’ll help you, let’s cook together.”

Pallavi and Raghav are in the kitchen. She replies, “Let’s cool Marathi and Hyderabad both food,” Raghav says, “Won’t it be too much?” Pallavi says, they will make one dish each. Raghav says, “I’ll get flour,” Pallavi says, “Where is it?” Raghav drops it all on himself.

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