Meet Aman Rathod, a brand ambassador, bodybuilding professional and much more.

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

His go-getter attitude and tremendous zeal to succeed in his professional career has taken him places.

Aman Rathod has shone bright in his career, which revolves around sports. Be it cricket or bodybuilding, he has done exceptionally well in both, which has won him wide recognition. He is the brand ambassador for valiant worldwide & a professional bodybuilder who has participated in many professional bodybuilding championship and won numerous championships held across the country. Aman says he was always fascinated with the idea of keeping fit right from his early days and that fuelled the fire in him to follow a strict regimen which resulted in his awesome physical transformation to such an extent that he started competing professionally, winning many bodybuilding championships, including the Mr. Vadodara competition which gained him wide recognition.

Aman has established himself as a credible music sportsperson who is deeply rooted in sports like cricket and bodybuilding. He even trains thousands of people, transforming their fitness to optimum levels. According to him, to excel in any sport one needs to be dedicated and focussed and not deviate from their training regimes which should be followed diligently under any circumstances. That’s what gets you there and stand out amongst others, feels Aman who has dedicated his life towards attaining a prominent position in the world of sports. Speaking about his cricket career, he has been a former valiant cricketer in 2011-2014, being the star performer in valiant cricket tournaments.

Aman was also a part of the first ever valiant Premier League (VPL) season -1 in 2014 which was broadcasted live on DD National Sports Channel. VPL has many known names associated with it like Rahul Roy, Meet brothers, Stebin Ben and many more. Aman gained enough recognition for his stupendous performance, which helped him secure the place of the brand ambassador for the brand of Vadodara. He says that he is always looking to excel in sports and is currently training himself for the Mr. Vadodara 2022 competition.

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To know more about Aman, follow him on Instagram: @amanrathodreal.

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