Md Badshah Ansari Explain Why should Startup Invest On PR

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Md Badshah Ansari

With several local start-ups starting to rise in the Indian economy, the year 2020 flooded with more than 100 new Indian digital start-ups. The upcoming years are very promising for Indian apps to gain more popularity and flourish at their best. The economy of Indian start-ups is watershed by ideas of public relations, mental health, online learning, advertising, and whatnot. And with the likely idea, a young boy, Gulrez Alam started his own start-up “Teamology” with a dear old friend, Md Badshah Ansari. The journey wasn’t easy for them. They both were walking on separate roads. Gulrez was in Hyderabad completing his education and later working with IT companies in Delhi whereas Md Badshah Ansari was busy with his studies and job in Kolkata. Today, after a lot of research and hard work, they both are the directors of a start-up. Gulrez is an esteemed digital marketer right now and Md Badshah Ansari is an SEO expert with knowledge of digital marketing.

They both belong to Kolkata and completed their studies in different fields. Gulrez studied BBA but then after one year he gave up and applied for a Bachelor’s in computer application. After completing BCA, he did MCA. After a lot of hard work and working in several IT companies, Gulrez understood the importance of digital marketing and wished to start his start-up. With his friend he started a small blog ” ” for people who would be looking for jobs like both Gulrez and Ansari were looking at their time. Later, they both co-founded ” Teamology softech and media services Pvt Ltd”. Now their start-up is flourishing all over the internet gaining immense popularity among people.

While talking to them Gulrez and Md Badshah Ansari told us why young entrepreneurs should invest in PR while starting a start-up.

According to them when a young entrepreneurs start a business on their own from scratch, they have the responsibility of doing a lot on your own. They are managing products, teams, investors and at that point, many young entrepreneurs forgot to give attention to the audience, that is what is the response of their start-up in the public. To get the word out in the market, the young entrepreneurs should take up the PR strategy and use it for its benefits. PR allows every beginners to tell the story of their startup in their way. They have the lead in their hand. They have a clean slate to start their story and ability to tell whatever they want the public to know about them. This makes their start-up stronger.

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The right PR strategy helps the entrepreneurs to tell the audience how they are different from their competitors and what unique they are offering them. By incorporating that with their start-up, they can promote their brand within the wider audience as people relate and get interested in reliable and straightforward Information. By starting to talk at the early stages of their business, they build an authentic mark in the industry and a relationship with their existing and potential customers. Strong PR is very essential for any start-up to grow effectively and expand itself.

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