MBA Chai Wala’s Net Worth Reaches Rs. 3 Crores in Just 4 Years

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

No work is small or big – if your dreams are high, even modest trades can help you make bank – this is the message that Prafull Billore, owner of MBA Chaiwala has been able to pass on to this generation. Starting a race with only 8000 rupees and hitting 3 crores in just 4 years, Prafull’s story is inspiring many in times of joblessness and wage cuts.

Prafull aspired to become an MBA but he failed to clear CAT exams 4 times. With a broken heart, Billore came to Ahmedabad in 2017 in search of a job and got one in a Mcdonald’s outlet as a delivery boy. But he was not happy with it. He wanted to own a business but lacked money. That is when the idea of launching a low-capital business struck him. He asked his father to give him Rs. 8000 telling him that he needed it for college and opened up a tea stall on Ahmaedabad’s SG highways.

The business was a flop initially. Then he started surprising his customers by speaking English with them. That trick worked and more customers started coming to his tea stall. He started entertaining his patrons with his open microphone sessions at his roadside tea stall. Soon his tea stall became the talk of the town and Prafull became popular by the name of MBA Chailwala.

Today, Prafull Billore’s net worth exceeds Rs. 3 crores. He is operating 11 franchises across various Indian cities. He also gets calls from different events like weddings and birthdays. He charges 50,000 rupees per day to serve tea in marriage ceremonies. He has got other engagements too. He runs a Youtube channel and his monthly revenue from sponsorships and the Youtube channel combined is over Rs. 3 lakhs. MBA Chai Wala got sponsors like Hirect.

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MBA Chai Wala is a successful business owner and an investor. His story is motivating millions in India in starting their entrepreneurial journeys.


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