Mamata Banerjee Issues Apology For Trinamool Minister’s President Remarks

Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee today condemned and expressed regret for her minister’s remarks on President Droupadi Murmu. She stated that the MLA got an warning for his words and her party had expressed regret as well. She claimed that making personal remarks by her party members is against the party culture. We hold the President in high regard. I apologise for the remarks; she is a really nice woman,” Mamata Banerjee said, adding that “Akhil (Giri) has done something wrong; I reject the remarks and I apologise.

Beauty is about who you are on the inside, not just how you seem, she said

This afternoon, West Bengal BJP MLAs demonstrated outside the Raj Bhavan in opposition to the offensive remarks made against the Indian President by Trinamool minister Akhil Giri. Suvendu Adhikari, the head of the opposition, was followed by BJP legislators who could be heard singing.

Suvendu Adhikari told reporters, “Even 72 hours after his words, the Chief Minister has not urged the Governor fire him, and she has not even requested that he quit. On Saturday, we had sent the Governor an email. We are here to the Raj Bhavan to make a request. This isn’t an appeal, though. Whether he is in Chennai, Delhi, or Imphal, he can advise the Chief Minister to fire the minister because the Constitution gives him enough authority to do so. It’s up to him how he goes about it.”

“This is what we’ve got on paper. Not having tea with his Secretary is not the reason we are in the Raj Bhavan. We came here to deliver this message because we need the Governor to hear it “Added he.

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Mr. Giri had issued an apology for his words after the video footage of them went viral

They (the BJP) said that I am not attractive. We don’t evaluate people based on how they look. We regard the President’s office (of India). How does our President look, though? Late on Friday night, Mr. Giri, the minister of state for Correctional Homes, was overheard speaking at a rally in a hamlet near Nandigram. The party had disassociated itself from Mr. Giri’s statements, labelling them “irresponsible” and “misogynistic.”

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