Book Handover Ceremony is held at the Kolkata Centre for Creativity to honour Global Media

Book Handover Ceremony

On October 29, 2022, the Book Handover Ceremony was jointly organized by the Kolkata Centre. For Creativity and the Royal Thai Consulate-General. Ms. Richa Agarwal, Chairperson of KCC, Ms. Reena Dewan. Director of KCC, Ms. Acharapan Yavaprapas, Consul-General of Thailand.  Other eminent guests attended the ceremony to honor “Global Media and Information Book Week.”

For today’s students, information literacy is absolutely essential since. It promotes critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In order to become effective students and good citizens, it helps them assess, ask more questions. Discover new ways to get answers, create views, and then make judgments. The annual Information Literacy Week observed from October 24 to October 31.

The goal of “Media and Information Literacy for All”

Book Handover

It celebrated during the Global Media and Information Literacy Week. Trust and solidarity in relation to people, media, digital platforms, governments. The commercial sector, and non-governmental organisations are the main themes.

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Building connections between learning inside and outside of the classroom. Which is possible with the aid of media and information literacy (MIL).  A set of various and overlapping competences. The need for these skills is constantly growing throughout the world thanks to the internet. Libraries and actual book reading are still important, and this event wants to encourage. Individuals to learn about other cultures from many places by reading books.

 The Telegraph Online Edugraph, Ms. Richa Agarwal replied

There has to be a starting point to everything, and in the longer run I definitely believe that such events would tend to be fruitful for kids from all backgrounds and belonging to every nook and cranny of the country.”

A powerful instrument against poverty is literacy. Millions of people might be pulled out of abject poverty. Every youngster in emerging nations like India strives to master the fundamentals of reading. Lifelong learning is a constant. People are better able to adapt to an environment that is changing quickly the more they study. One’s capacity to consistently raise their level of living.

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