Making pin codes trendy, CALCUTTA 64 emerges as an iconic café in sector 1, the salt lake area of Kolkata.

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

The idea of opening a café called CALCUTTA 64 struck Mr. Debojit Paul in 2013. He is the co- founder and co- owns this beautiful café in Kolkata. His vision and mission to open this café came into existence when he visited Hard Rock Café in Bangalore and got astonished by the idea. The other owners are his elder brother, Birojit Paul, Soumini Paul and Sneha Chakroborty Paul.


Mr. Debojit Paul mentions, “While on a business trip to Bangalore, I visit the Hard Rock Café and that enthralled me to open a café of my own in my beloved city of Kolkata.” He further says, “I was amazed by the look and feel of the café though it’s a pub, and this inspired me immensely.”

When Mr. Paul got back from Bangalore to Kolkata, he discussed this grand idea with his elder brother and his to-be wife. They eventually opened up the café post all the approvals in 2016 with a 14 seating space.

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They started with two resources to help them with kitchen duties and two baristas on the floor. With immense success and popularity, they expanded to a bigger space within the premises in 2018. Located in one of Kolkata’s prime areas, it has gained even more popularity with the masses.


The location of the café is perfect as it is situated just off the first avenue between 3rd island and the famous and crowded city center island. People frequently visit the café because the food and ambiance are appealing and attractive. Numerous loyal customers never fail to visit the café every now and then.

They serve unique Mexican cuisine dishes with various fast food and dessert options. Some of the most loved dishes are Prawn in chili lemon sauce, Fish steak, Pizzas, sizzlers, and C-64 chicken wings. And for the sweet tooth individuals, the caramel custard, crunchy chocolate shake, and KitKat shake are to die for. Almost everything here is lip-smackingly good.

Another interesting thing is that recently they have signed up with Franchise India for Franchise Model and may be in the next one year, they will get to see another five to six outlets in the east and northeaster parts. They also got featured IIM Kolkata’s case Research centre. They have case study over there. They’re supposed to be the only café in the eastern part of the country to be featured in IIM Calcutta’s portal.

They even provide free WiFi for people who want to chill and work at the café for a few hours. The staff at the café is very friendly and polite and maintains high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. According to partner Mr. Debojit Paul, ”And to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep “. And Miles they will travel for sure.

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