Maidaan: No date for Abdul Rahim’s biopic, the chances of ‘Maidan’ being released directly on OTT increased


In the years leading up to its release, producer Boney Kapoor and Zee Studios have been working together. This movie won’t be released in theaters until next week, and as the release date approaches, it’s more likely to be available exclusively online. The official date of the Maidaan theatrical release has not been determined, and Zee Studios representatives have not even provided any specific information at this time.

The ‘Maidaan’ release date has been postponed many times

The film “Maidaan,” starring actor Ajay Devgan, was scheduled to debut on November 27, 2020. The release date was then extended to December 11, 2020. Its release date was moved up to August 13, 2021, because of Covid. The movie’s release date was moved up to October 15, 2021, to coincide with Dussehra, after August. The new date, which was June 3, 2022, replaced the previous date.

In order to alter the release date of the film “Maidaan,” actor Ajay Devgan announced a new date on February 17, 2023, on his social media accounts. Additionally, this date was changed, and the new date is May 12, 2023. The movie’s release date of June 23, 2023, was set after no decision was made even on this date. Presently this date has additionally slipped and presently it is being guessed that the film will be delivered on the 7th of September around Janmashtami, yet no authority declaration has been made in regard to this date at this point.

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The film could be released on OTT platform

There was a plan to release “Maidan” before “Bhola,” but because biopic films were failing at the box office. It was decided to release “Maidan” after “Bhola” so that “Bhola” would benefit from “Maidan’s” success. However, how would it be able to support “Maidan” if “Bhola” did not function independently? After that, the release date was set for June 23, but a week later. The release date was extended due to the release of “Adipurush.” However, experts believe that the release of “Maidaan” on this date would have been appropriate, as “Maidaan” would have benefited from the controversy surrounding “Adipurush.”

Also, the fact that even the film’s distributor. Producer Zee Studios does not have much faith in its release has been talked about in the industry for a long time. Additionally, it is stated that the direct OTT release of this film can now be announced at any time in order to avoid the expense of distribution. Although Zee Studios has not yet made an official statement about this. Sources say that officials at the company have discussed the possibility of releasing the movie directly on OTT multiple times. The life of Syed Abdul Rahim, the national football team’s coach and manager. Serves as the basis for the movie “Maidan.” Syed Abdul Rahim is played by Ajay Devgan in this movie.

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