Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Strikes The Coast Of Ecuador

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Ecuador is currently very vulnerable to earthquakes. The following weekend, the earthquake killed 15 people, as per live reports, and 445 others have been reported injured. The ‘Banana Capital of the World’ Ecuador, along with Peru were impacted by the hits. On Sunday, a day after a massive earthquake shook this city, grief hovered in the air. Homes and buildings have collapsed along the coast and as far away as the Ecuadorian highlands and sections of Peru.

The majority of Machala’s streets were covered in sand. Neighbors are pitching in and holding simple funerals for the deceased. Indeed, just a day after the quake that killed nine people along this hard-hit coast, many people in Machala were distraught and uneasy. Further quoting, the epicenter of the earthquake was around 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s second-largest city.

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“The city is quiet-dread and sadness is sensed,” said Luis Becerra, a citizen. “Everywhere you go, you feel the sorrow, the drama.” Following the event, everyone is on high alert, fearful of a massive aftershock.

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World Pandemic Following Deadly Disasters

As the death toll in Turkey and Syria is rising rapidly by the hour. Following a severe 7.8 Richter earthquake near the Pazardzic area, near the coast of Ecuador. Disturbing recordings of the devastating earthquake have gone viral. Documenting the events that occurred in Turkey right after the strong tremor in chronological order.

Footage from the moment Enceladus “hits” is shown. Footage of collapsing buildings and rescue activities is shown and is going viral. Further, disasters like an explosion of natural gas pipelines owing to the strong vibrations, produce a massive fire, according to Turkish television.

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At a time when hundreds of thousands of people are dying beneath Enceladus’ ruins in Gaziantep, but also in Adana, Turkey. Many rescuers and volunteers are still working day and night to save human lives.

Astute looters do not hesitate to act next to the corpses of their fellow citizens. As well as trapped people who ask for help, people are stealing and attempting to profit in a completely inhumane way. From the tragic situations experienced by their trapped and desperate fellow citizens to the prayers from all around the world, who painfully mourn the losses of their loved ones. We should hope for good fortune and have faith.

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