Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Will Ella finally be able to find Azrael?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Will Ella finally know the truth? The question arises, while the guaranteed smile and good humor of Lucifer remain frozen in time while the Deities fight … But the answer arrives in season 5

Because Netflix announces the arrival of the next season soon. But Ella may have some surprises. Very attached to the Devil, she does not realize how much he represents for her …

Lucifer is indeed the brother of his best friend! Ella sees Azrael from time to time like a ghost… So she thinks she’s crazy. But not at all! She sees the incarnation of Azraelle, brother of the Devil.

Azrael comes to earth from time to time to speak with her friend. But since the arrival of the Devil on earth, she no longer wanted to set foot there… Until she had to. Without success, moreover.

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Left under the advice of Lucifer, Azrael, therefore, waits to be able to come and hunt new souls on earth. But the fight between the divinities is raging, to the point of imagining various divine interventions.

While God himself has just stepped into the heart of the fight, his daughter might also have a role to play. Because it must be remembered that his dagger allowed erasing any trace of the existence of anyone!


Ella doesn’t realize the power of her “imaginary” friend. She, therefore, thinks she is speaking to a ghost as if she were speaking to her mind… But she is probably speaking to one of the most powerful deities!

As God has just arrived on Earth to prevent Lucifer and Michael from killing each other, Earth may well need Azrael. Especially since Amenadiel and Maze added their grievances to the conflict …

In the middle of a “pause”, the Earth, therefore, awaits the arrival of a savior. God arose amid a fight to reason with his children. But the intervention of someone more dangerous could have more effect …

So this is where Ella’s best friend, Azrael, could come in. From the top of her small size, Lucifer’s little sister indeed seems more formidable than all the rest of the family put together… Something to calm everyone!

Will Ella see Azrael before or during the fight? Will she, therefore, understand why the Devil knows her so well … Or even, why Azrael knows the Devil so well? The questions are therefore multiplying …

But only one person seems capable of giving the first element of the answer: God. Because God is coming to Earth to prevent Lucifer and Michael from killing each other … But Azrael could help him

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