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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And New Updates

Already 6 months that part 1 of season 5 of Lucifer has been released on our screens. And with an ending like that, fans can’t wait to see what happens next. Especially since the face of God was revealed.

After an emotional finale, co-producer Joe Henderson shared information on the rest of the season. He explains that a covenant between God and his fallen son was expected. Lucifer Morningstar would he be ready to make a pact with his father?

Indeed in the previous episodes, God and Lucifer had some differences in the past. But according to the show’s producer, they may well be ready to bury the hatchet . A reconciliation then?

Because it has been a long time since they last saw each other . Indeed, it was after being expelled from paradise that Lucifer left to rule the underworld.

But it was in Los Angeles that he decided to settle down for good to run his nightclub. And also to be with the charming detective.

Between the crimes to be solved and the divine beings who threaten the city, Lucifer does not have time to rest. And it was without counting on a new arrival. Her evil twin Michael.

A new character who made his debut in this last season. Indeed he caused a lot of damage by pretending to be his brother. Which did not please their father .

This argument between Lucifer and Michael in the heart of the nightclub provoked the wrath of God. Who therefore descended upon the human world to separate them and end their rivalry .

After this scene, the fans are worried. They are afraid to see God and Lucifer reunited for the rest of the story. Because this family reunion could well bring back old memories . But the producer of the Netflix series reassures them. There will be an alliance between the two characters.

The producer also commented on his choice of actor Dennis Haysbert to embody God. He explains, “ Dennis Haybert is one of the nicest and most respected men in Hollywood. This is why he is the ideal candidate to play the role of a creator loved by all ”

A very different description of God from what Lucifer has said so far. Because in recent seasons he has not failed to qualify him as ” indifferent” and ” cruel “.

Now that we know what God is like, it remains only to know his intentions. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the continuation of season 5 of Lucifer to find out more.

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