Lucifer season 5 Part 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And All Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Lucifer fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to Season 5 on Netflix. The devil still has class and drives a very nice car in the Attention series, the article contains spoilers.

Lucifer is a man of taste. A few weeks ago, fans of the Netflix series got to see the first part of season 5. The new season featured new characters and Michael took the place of his twin brother. He did not hesitate to usurp the identity of the devil to steal his life.

Michael seeks revenge for the character of Tom Ellis and goes to great lengths to achieve it. So, it seems that he is somewhat jealous of his brother. In any case, Michael sowed discord and got very close to Chloe in the new episodes.

Nevertheless, Lucifer did not let it go and it is no surprise that the devil has made his return. The public was treated to a very beautiful battle between the King of the Underworld, Amenadiel, and Michael. Even when it comes to fighting, Chloe’s coworker always has class and makes her audience laugh.

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Yet he seems to have been left speechless in the face of the surprise arrival of God. We, therefore, wonder how the latter will react in the rest of the season. In any case, the devil still attracts so many fans and his charm continues to operate.


Fans have been following Lucifer’s adventures closely for over five years. The character of Tom Ellis is a very handsome man and does not lack class. Thus, he always appears dressed to the nines and how to express himself to charm those around him.

So, over the seasons, the fans saw that the devil liked to live in luxury. The businessman succeeds in everything he does and has set up a club, the Lux. This allows him to have a very nice and comfortable apartment. So, the King of the Underworld doesn’t drive just any car in the series.

Lucifer has been driving a beautiful 1962 Chevrolet Corvette C1 for several years. The king of the underworld, therefore, loves everything vintage… but also very expensive! Nevertheless, we must admit that in this car, he looks like a real star of the 60s. His car can also be an asset to charm women.

The Chevrolet Corvette C1 has become a classic car. It is very rare since this is the last year that Chevrolet used the C1 chassis on the Corvette. Thus, the car is one of the most sought after versions of the brand. So we can understand why the devil drives such a beautiful car.

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