Lucifer season 5: Ella in crisis in the rest of the season

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Ella connects the disappointments in Lucifer and the young policewoman has a hard time keeping the faith. Her meeting with God could therefore put her to the worst in the rest of season 5. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

A few months ago, Netflix put the first part of season 5 of Lucifer online. This new season has no shortage of action and fans got to meet new characters. Thus, Michael, the twin brother of the devil made his entry on Earth and disrupted the lives of our characters.

Michael did not hesitate to usurp the identity of the King of the Underworld and pretended to be him in front of Chloe, Amenadiel or even Ella. So he got very close to Trixie’s mother and the latter was under his spell. Yet the character of Tom Ellis wasted no time in putting an end to his scheming.

Michael, Lucifer and Amenadiel had a great battle in the midseason finale. However, the three brothers were interrupted by the surprise arrival of… God! Fans have been waiting for the arrival of this character for a long time. Moreover, it may well upset everyone.

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Ella has always been a believer in the series and does not hide it. Yet the young policewoman has been questioning her faith for a while. The arrival of God could therefore upset her and she may well have many questions.


Ella has always been a true ray of sunshine in Lucifer and is very close to the devil. Yet she never really believed that the latter is the King of the Underworld in person. So, she tries to make it better and the two make a really good duo. However, for some time now, nothing has been going well for the young woman.

Ella saw a lot of deaths go by and therefore had a sort of identity crisis. While she had managed to be reconciled with the faith, she faces a big disappointment in love. And for good reason, she discovered that her darling so perfect was a … serial killer!

“ She ended her crisis on faith last season. But, now, she is in an identity crisis. She doubts herself, ” said Joe Henderson, showrunner for CBR. Thus, the young woman will find herself in full doubt in the rest of season 5. Not to mention that she will have to face God. An experience that promises to be interesting for our heroine.

“ Ella Lopez and God, this is a scene that could happen. But far from revealing anything that could happen in the future. But mash, I would love to see the two having a conversation, ”the showrunner said. So, how will Ella react to Lucifer’s father in season 5? It is already promising to be intense!

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