Love Alarm Season 2 Trailer: Netflix Released Official Video Of Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, And Jung Ga Ram

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

While counting the days until the premiere of Love Alarm 2, the Netflix platform keeps K-Drama fans living a roller coaster of emotions with previews of what to come with images, promotional teasers, and now a first trailer.

On this occasion, in a video published on the official Netflix YouTube account, the followers of Lover Alarm have a small preview of how the relationship between the characters played by Kim So Hyun as Jojo and Jung Ga Ram as Hye Young unfolds after the latter confessed his love.

As in the first season, The love triangle between Kim Jojo, Hye Young, and Sun Oh, transcends time, the lives of the three young people continue to be determined by the Love Alarm app

The plot thickens for Hye Young as she does her best to win over Jojo Sun Oh appears on the scene again. Played by Song Kang, it is clear from the video that he will fight to regain the love of the girl (Kim So Hyun).

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Expectations rise when the images show a kiss between Jojo and Sun Oh that is repeated in time. While also the desperate girl cries confused by not knowing with certainty who to love.

The trailer also arouses curiosity, as Jojo’s alarm appears to be ringing again, which could mean that she accomplished the task that had been in doubt at the end of the first season of Love Alarm when she was looking for the creator of the app to unlock. your phone.

Also, some images give proof of what was already known, the existence of an improved application not only with a new presentation but with more complicated options such as knowing which people will like you Y what people will you like.

Meanwhile, K-Drama fans once again put their preference for who will Kim Jojo stay with (Kim So Hyun), with the protagonist Sun Oh (Song Kang), or with the secondary characters Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram).

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