Let’s Check out how Airlines making million Dollars

Do you know in the past we can travel on jet planes for commercial purposes?

Different Airlines in India

Gradually Airplanes become the strongest mode of traveling and another way of bragging standard. Though the vast majority of India hasn’t traveled on flights. Still, it is on everyone’s bucket list. whether it is a bus, train, or mobile everything gets fast with time but one thing that gets slower with the time is Airplanes or Airlines. It is done intentionally to reduce its fuel cost, so most of the airplanes run at 500-550 miles per hour. At this speed, the plane is in the economical zone. Though in the past the idea came to travel with the passenger as fast as can. So there were two planes were introduced:-

  1. Supersonic Planes- Commercial Planes that can travel with the speed of sound(767 miles per hour).
  2. Subsonic Planes- Commercial Planes that can travel less than the speed of sound.

British Airways introduced Concorde supersonic planes for commercial purposes. These planes can take passengers from London to New York in just three hours. But it holds the two biggest demerits

  • Cost– Its cost is relatively high in comparison to subsonic planes which is around 7000$. Meanwhile, Subsonic planes cost just 200-300$
  • Fuel-  The Concorde plane takes one gallon of fuel for just 14 miles. Meanwhile, a normal plane can travel 104 miles with that much fuel.
First Flight of Concorde Plane
First Flight of Concorde Plane

Even very few can afford it at that time. That’s the reason it was dropped. Most Airlines make money from Business Class, not from economy class. That’s the reason Business class gets more comfortable. Even fewer seats of business class are equal in revenue to total economy class.

Airlines Masterplan of Business class

When planes were introduced there was no seat discrimination, everyone gets a similar seat. Airlines usually know businessmen take Right away tickets but a tourist plans for everything. So they raised the price for businessmen, but still, the ticket get over. Airlines decided to make their seat more comfortable, bring them a different section, and provide a special service. Now it is called a Business Class.  Airplanes use a special algorithm according to the demands and the route of the airplanes. If often change the price according to the competitor price offered.

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