Let the Romance Stays Alive in “Ek Duje Ke Vaaste” cast


Precis of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste-

A full of immense  Romance here is an  Indian Hindi series named Ëk Duje Ke Vaaste” . Getting lots of popularity having 8.5 IMBD rate on google which is Directed by Jai Basant Singh & Ranjeet Gupta. Superhit series one of  extremely loved by audience, watch the show with lot of excitement .  It based on a passionate love where both  protagonist of the story are Military aspirants . Know More about Ek Duje Ke Vaaste cast here.

The genre of series is centered on romantic drama, written by Dilip Jha , Akash Virmani , Manu Sharma , Adita Singh. Mohit Kumar leading by the main hero named in the play  Shravan Malhotra . Kanikka Kapur similarly  playing the character  Suman Tiwari center heroine  of the story . Via in the next session female protagonist got replaced by Vidhi Pandya. In essence it shows how both the love birds fall for each other with lots of chaos , hatred in two of  families and suspense .  All the episodes were broadcast on Sony  Entertainment Television.

Shravan and Suman


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Some Details-

Opening Theme Ek Duje Ke Vaaste cast
Genre Romantic Drama
Directed By Jai Basant Singh ,Ranjeet Gupta
Original Language Hindi
No. of Episodes 218
Original Network Sony Entertainment Television Sony Live
Running Time 21- 22 minutes
Release Date 10 February 2020 – 31 March 2021

School Love

 Part 1 ( The Beginning)-

The story starts with Shravan Malhotra , who is spoilt indisciplined  civilian teenager. Sent to an army school to learn discipline where he meets Suman Tiwari. She is an ambitious girl , belongs to the army background daughter of Colonel Vijay Tiwari . Shravan dislike the discrimination between army and civilian students often  this conflicts leads .Initially  Suman and Shravan contrariety with  each other , always try to prove wrong  each other . Their oddness  despite constant clashes both of  them. Gradually it changes into love , Shravan have feelings for Suman he tries to confess his love but hesitates. Suman sense Shravan’s feelings towards her, meanwhile she mistakes this just to be teenage attraction and decides to ask him be her best friend.

Finally he confess his love after that suman choose not to remain in contact. Suddenly an accident going to happen with Shravan , suman risks her life to save him. Realize how deeply she is fall in love and next day she confess her feelings. After months of secret love , they caught by their families and in against decided to send their children away so that do not meet each other. Here another incident happen Vijay the colonel gets killed in an operation, while fighting in a counterinsurgency. Devraj father of Shravan  arrested on charges of making a low – quality bulletproof vest and goods for the army. Blamed for Vijay’s death , Suman believes this is end with Shravan , leaving him heartbroken.

Captain SumanCaptain Shravan

Part – 2 ( After 7 Years)-

Bitterness made both Shravan and Suman into strangers to each other for last 7 years . Now Shravan is Captain serving to the Indian Army in Dhar Regiment . Captain Suman also becoming a Surgeon  in the AMC who does not bow down to anyone. Both live in shattered dealing with their troubles and struggling to manage  family issues . Separately both of them prepare for the final Verdict of the case which was filed against Shravan’s family long back . A few weeks later  the case wins by  Shravan , Suman is dejected  because she feels couldn’t give justice to Vijay.  Shravan and Suman confess their heart out at a party .

How much they missed each other during their difficult times. Again here is a twist in the story both the couple have an argument and entry of other characters . Suman engagement is finalized with Vikram ,  who is the lawyer of her. However on the day of engagement , Shravan proposes to Suman and she accepts , breaking the alliance with Vikram. A lots of efforts , Suman finally manages to get concent for their respective families  for marriage , and they both got married happily . Both the couple promoted from captain to Major.

love never fades Shravan & Suman

Although it shows no matter how much complications are there , struggle  you have to do for .True love always find their way , Shravan and Suman’s from love to  marriage  it tested several times. Their true flame  for each other  always prevails.










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