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Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Prathna attacks the structure at the beginning of the episode. She observes workers leaving the building. She believes that she cannot murder innocent people. She goes. Pratha dials Rishabh’s number. Pratha inquires as to his well-being. After informing her that he is OK, Rishabh cuts off the phone. Returning to the chamber, Prathna considers telling Manav that she cannot marry him because she did not complete her retribution. Anmol walks inside Prathna’s space. Prathna is not yet ready, she observes. She promises to assist her in getting ready. Prathna claims that because she doesn’t want to get married, she doesn’t want to get ready. Anmol claims that if you marry him, my parents would perform your kanyadan since you cannot live a life of solitude. She requests that Anmol retrieve her own photo from the mandap and informs him that her father’s picture will serve as the kanyadan.

Anmol concurs. Pratha believes she needs to look for Jeet. In order to avoid putting Rishabh and Rudra in danger, she chooses to assist Jeet. There, Anmol arrives in quest of Jeet’s picture. Pratha inquires as to her search criteria. Anmol claims to be looking for a picture of Prathna’s father. Once she has it, she is going to take it to Prathna’s room when she is hit by another woman, causing the picture to fall. Pratha is holding a photo of Jeet. How does Anmol know Jeet, Pratha queries of her? According to Anmol, Jeet is the father of Prathna, who resembles you, and he passed away two days ago. Pratha is startled.


Prathna tells Jeet’s picture that he will always be her father since she misses him. Where is Pratha, asks Pratha to Anmol. Prathna, according to Anmol, is in her room. When Pratha looks back on it all, she realises Prathna is her daughter. She heads straight for Prathna’s room. Each is startled at seeing the other. When Anmol arrives, he asks Pratha if she is surprised to see Prathna. When you were married, you might have resembled Prathna, she claims. Take her to the mandap, Anmol says. Pratha has emotional self-control. Prathna is taken downstairs by them. When Rishabh recognises Prathna, he is shocked. Anmol confesses to Rishabh her feelings of resentment because Prathna resembles their daughter. She claims to be joking. You are our princess, according to Rishabh. Pratha is her mother, Pratha realises.

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Prathna is made to sit at the mandap by Anmol. Pratha is asked by Rishabh if Prathna resembles her. According to Pratha, it happens frequently since seven out of ten persons in the world resemble one another. Rudra remembers their interactions when he saw Prathna at the mandap. Prathna believes that because I’m getting married and abandoning my father’s killers, my biological father killed the man who reared me. Pratha considers asking Suhasini for information because the professor is no longer around. When Pratha phones Suhasini, she doesn’t pick up. Pratha meets Suhasini there. Suhasini queries the motive behind her visit to Toofan. Pratha claims that it was you who swapped my kid for this toofan in my life. She examines her motivations.


Suhasini claims that she exchanged your daughter with a purpose because she hates you. Pratha claims she learns about it. You’re misunderstood, the professor is the one who did it on purpose, according to Suhasini. I was not aware of it and only became aware of it after seeing Prathna, but I chose not to inform you guys out of concern that it might lead to additional issues. Prathna believes that she cannot marry without her primary goal in mind. Manav and Prathna are asked to stand for pheras by Pandit. Gathbandan is about to begin for Anmol. Prathna experiences vertigo and loses consciousness. She is promptly taken to the room by Rudra. Prathna is forced to sleep on the bed by Rudra and Anmol before they depart. When Prathna awakens, she vows to exact retribution. She leaves to exact retribution. She extinguishes the lights. Pratha is informed by Suhasini that Prathna is her child. Concern over the power outage is shared by everyone in the mandap. Waiting for Pratha is Rishabh. He exits to make a call. Attack by Prathna on Rishabh. Pratha explains to Suhasini how she will tell Rishabh that Prathna is our daughter and that she can’t leave Anmol because she loves her so much. Rishabh wonders what is going on and feels perplexed. Rudra leaves after hearing the noise. Pratha considers the reasons for her perception of something wrong. Somebody ignites the fuse. Asking Rishabh why he collapses to the ground, Rudra runs to him. Rishabh claims that I was attacked.


He chooses to tell everyone what transpired after learning the details. Anmol and the others emerge. If he’s okay, Anmol asks. Asserting his well-being, Rishabh departs for work. Prathna believes that there are many people around the murderers and that she is powerless to punish the murderers by hurting innocent people. Prathna considers telling Manav that she is unable to be his wife. Prathna overhears Manav and Zain discussing how Manav is preparing to marry her even though he is aware that she is Shesh Naagin and would be given to terrorists. She approaches him and inquires as to whom he is speaking. He uses a bottle to strike her, then he covers her with a net. He is seen taking someone out afterwards. Rudra is crying as Naman observes him and asks him if he has feelings for Prathna. Rudra withholds his emotions. Anmol reveals to her pals that she is getting married to Prathna since someone advised against getting married to Ananth ka. They identify it as anardh. Anmol calls Pratha to allay her concerns, and after she hears from her, she informs her companions that the orphanage is not a bad thing. Manav enters the mandap and considers annulling the wedding. The Pandit requests that they bring a wife. Manav declares that he is breaking off his engagement since he does not want to wed an orphan. Rudra approaches him and inquires as to his sobriety. Manav is brought along by his parents. Anmol and Rudra discuss how to inform Prathna of the situation.


Anmol claims her mother can assist them in telling Prathna about it. Anmol informs her about what transpired over the phone to Pratha. Pratha is startled and wonders why fate is tampering with her daughter’s life. The name Manav became Prathna. Manav is shown trying to inject medication into Prathna’s body to subdue her, but she thrashes him and hides in a bag before ceasing to be Prathna and switching to Manav. When she notices Manav in the car’s trunk, she pulls him out. He is electrocuted by a transformer after unintentionally falling on it. Prathna feels as though she needs to know who he is speaking to and is concerned as Pratha’s car is approaching from that direction.



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