La Casa De Papel Could Have More Seasons

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

While fans await the arrival of Part 5, new rumors ensure that La casa de papel could have more installments.

In July of last year, Netflix announced that it had already started filming the fifth season of La casa de Papel. If the streaming platform made something very clear, it is that this installment would be the last part of the series. “The heist comes to an end” is the phrase that gave the title to the news, promising “the most epic and exciting season,” said Alex Pina, the creator of the successful series.

But recently, one of the actors in the series put it into question. According to Fórmula TV, Mario de la Rosa, who plays the villain Suárez from Part 4, told in a live Instagram that the actors were not informed that the series has come to an end: “Everyone talks to me about the end of ‘La casa de Papel’. I don’t know, I know it’s the end of the robbery. That is what all the actors have been told officially. “The robbery comes to an end,” but I don’t know if the story will continue later. ”

But these words about the end of La casa de papel are completely contradicted by those offered by Jaime Lorente. The actor assured that they were very happy to close a stage in his life, thus leaving La casa de papel behind. “Yes, I want to close stages. This year is being to close stages, too many, ” said the actor, who had the opportunity to describe Part 5 of the series as” crazy. ”

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A worldwide success

The paper house began its journey in 2017, through Antena 3, but then it reached Netflix where it managed to become known worldwide. Its first season, which was divided into two parts and aired on the television network, showed us the robbery of the Casa de la Moneda y Timbre. The third and fourth seasons brought the team together to rob the Bank of Spain, to be able to rescue one of their teammates.

Part 5 of La casa de Papel began filming in August 2020 in Denmark, Spain and Portugal and has the signings of Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado. At the moment it is not known when the new and last one will be released? a batch of episodes.

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