Kundali Bhagya Most Recent Written Episode: Rishab Gets Into a Fight With The Manager

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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Shristhi remarks that the yellow sarree looks nice, but she decides to consult her sister first. Shristhi then inquires as to why Preeta is so confused and Anjali does the same to Arjun. She takes Preeta to the KarvaChawth section, Anjali mentions Arjun is even lost while with her, but he promises to shop for her.

The sales girls are showing Shristhi the dress but she becomes confused. And asks them to not only help her but also assure her that there are many workers in their shop. Shristhi requests Preeta to explain them when she mentions Shristhi might get confused with two helpers.

Preeta is looking for dresses as well when Rishab arrives with a saree, explaining that he thinks it would look good on her. She agrees, mentioning how nice the colour is. Shristhi becomes envious and approaches Sameer, questioning what he is doing when Rakhi’s mother mentions that they must assist with the shopping.
Arjun also asks Anjali to choose a dress, so she begins looking for one and then heads toward the trying room. Where Arjun stops the worker to hand her a saree that he chose for Anjali, and she is walking when Rishab stops the same worker, handing her a red saree for Preeta Ji.

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Kundali Bhagya: The Moment When Preeta and Shrishti Arrive at the Dressing Room

When Preeta and Shrishti arrive at the dressing room after the trying room is locked. The worker hands her the saree that Arjun gave to Anjali. Preeta enters the drying room and hands Anjali the other saree.
Shrishti exclaims in excitement that they will get a saree for free. But Rishab assures her that she is joking and that they will solve the problem. Shrishti stands back with the dresses and wonders why they do not realize that this is a very large mall with many shops, so what if they get a dress for free?

Rishab approaches the counter and inquires about the problem; the manager reveals that someone has already paid for this dress. Rishab responds that this is unethical because he chose this dress for his wife; how can they accept payment from someone else?

Later in the show Kundali Bhagya: Shristhi claims she thought someone paid for her dress. Preeta wonders how it is possible because someone paid for this dress and she intends to wear the saree because she likes it. Shristhi asks her to stop talking so she can hear what they are discussing. Rishab requests that the manager charge the bill to his card and reverse the payment from the other customer. But the manager is unable to reach him. Shristhi exclaims that Rishab ji is furious, to which Sameer responds that this dress is important to him. Because Rakhi maa stated that the husband chooses the dress for his wife.

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