Kolkata’s Underwater Metro Revolutionizes Public Transport in India

Kolkata's Underwater Metro Revolutionizes Public Transport in India


It’s a historic moment for the city of joy as Kolkata’s groundbreaking Underwater Metro line successfully completed its maiden test run on Wednesday. The tunnel runs 32 meters (105 feet) below the Hooghly River. And it will connect the Howrah-Maidan metro station and Esplanade. It will definitely, transform the city’s connectivity.

Underwater Metro: Rapid Transit Beneath the Hooghly River

Kolkata’s Underwater Metro will allow passengers to travel 520 meters (1700 feet) between the two stations in just 45 seconds. It will make Howrah Maidan the deepest metro station in India. The entire metro line, spanning 4.8 km (three miles), will become operational in November.

“This is a historic moment for Metro Railway,” Kausik Mitra, chief public relations officer for the Kolkata metro system, said in a statement.

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“This is a revolutionary step in providing a modern transport system to the people of Kolkata and suburbs.”, he added.

 Celebrating the Milestone with Traditional Rituals

There was a puja after the successful test run. The purpose of the puja was to bless the tunnel and train. Bright-orange saffron flowers were sprinkled around the conductor’s compartment. A worker broke a coconut to the cheers and applause of colleagues.


The successful launch of Kolkata’s Underwater Metro heralds a new era of connectivity and growth for the city and the nation. As India continues to invest in innovative infrastructure projects, the Underwater Metro stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to improving the quality of life for its citizens. With enhanced accessibility and reduced travel times, exciting times are coming for the Kolkatans.

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