Know About 8 Signs To Identify Depression

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
8 Signs Of Depression

Depression – Being a friend in general means we understand them, we understand them each action. But after all, we all are humans, humans are masterminds in hiding their own problems and feelings and get affected by the same, which leads us to not understand what actually our friend is going through and misunderstand them. Of course, as laymen it’s not our job to diagnose depression, it obviously is done by a mental therapist.

It is hard for us to find out because of the difference between actual depression and two-three days of sadness, as we don’t know the criteria of depression. But when it comes to our loved ones like our family members, friends, knowing what depression is is very crucial and will help us understand what’s actually wrong with the person and why his or her actions have suddenly changed. To understand that you are not the reason why the person is ignoring you, why he or she has suddenly acted very weirdly and the reason is not you, the person is having a total negative vibe and the reason is not you, and you are able to see the signs, it feels good when we understand what actually a person is going through and even the person will eventually start to open up.

But, it’s not easy to find out and clearly see the signs, because these changes are hard to find and are drastic due to something deep Depression happened to the person.

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Having at least a little information and getting a little educated about depression, will help us find out and point out the signals and signs in a person facing depression, and help them get a grin on their face. It may happen that your way of conversation may actually help them and make them feel good about themselves.

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Here Are 8 Signs Of Depression

Below are the 8 signs by which you can help your loved ones and get them to feel better:

  1. They stop communicating and avoid getting socialize. For example, they start to cancel their weekly plans, they don’t show up in invitations, trying to keep a distance from each other.
  2. They have mood swings, usually in a bad mood. For example, taking everything otherwise or taking everything very seriously, minding small things.
  3. Generally talking about insomnia or being sleepy every time but not being able to sleep. Forcing themselves to sleep, going to sleep very early but not sleeping, and being sleepy all day. It also leads to Depression.
  4. Getting sick a lot is a very crucial sign. Getting sick very frequently, not having a zeal to do something or even to try something new.
  5. Another very important sign is sudden weight change in the person. They may complain about cloth getting loose or tight, not fitting them.
  6. Often noticing red eyes or runny nose or puffy eyes indicating that they have just cried over something.
  7. They are forgetting things, for example, they are forgetting something that recently happened or someone’s birthday, this is because something else has already taken over their mind.
  8. Their pace has got slower, they are moving very slowly, showing up very late in every event can lead to Depression.

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