Kissing Booth 3 , the end of Netflix Teen Triology

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Kissing Booth 3

Kissing Booth is a Netflix original Trilogy movie film written and directed by Vince Marcello, . It is based on a  novel trilogy by author Beth Reekles, by the same name. The first part of the movie was premiered on May 11, 2018. And since 2018 we have following the love, friendship &adventure of Elle, Noah &Lee. In the first movie of the trilogy, we see how Elle ended updating the hottest boy in high school. Noah is also Lee’s elder brother. After 3 years of its release, the trilogy is coming to an end on August 11, 2021. In the last part of trilogy, we will get to know many answers. Who will win Team Marco or Team Noah? Which college Elle will be choosing one with her boyfriend Noah or One with her best friend Lee.

Kissing Booth Cast

Elle  Evans played by Joey King our main protagonist, Noah Flynn played by Jacob Elordi hot shot & high school crush of Elle,  Lee Flynn played by Joel Courtney best friend of our main protagonist, Marco Valentin Peña played by Taylor Zakhar Perez the new twist and hotshot in Elle’s life.

Release Date

Kissing Booth 3 trailer was released on July and the official date of premier of the movie was mentioned as  11 th August 2021.

Recap of Kissing Booth 1 &2

In part 1 of this trilogy, we have seen how Elle our cute & happy protagonist ends with her all-time crush & high school hottest boy Noah. And ended up kissing him on Kissin Booth that they had set up for the high school program. At the end of the first part, we see Noah moves for his college at Harvard. In season 2 we see how because of long-distance Noah and Elle differences grew Elle goes to visit Harvard. She suspects Noah of cheating on her with Chloe his collegemate.

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And on the other hand, there is an entrance to a new hotshot in Elle &Lee’s high school. Marco starts liking Elle and participates in the dance competition as Lee lied about being injured to get out of the competition. This leads to Elle &Marco taking part in the dance competition. As Elle has too much gone in mind she ends up kissing Marco on their final dance, which Noah sees and gets heartbroken.

Part 3 of Kissing Booth  plot

This part of the movie will be the last &final part of this trilogy. In this part, we are more likely to get answers of whether Elle will choose Harvard or Berkeley. In the opening of the movie, we see Elle, Noah, Lee & Rachel. They go to the beach houses for their vacation before partying ways for college.  And in the beach also she ends up meeting Marco which makes Noah insecure. The trilogy ends with Noah & Elle partying their ways as Elle decides to choose herself over her boyfriend &best friend. And after 6 years all four unite together.

Where we see Elle &Noah being successful in their lives. Lee & Rachel planning their wedding. So who did Elle choose? She chooses herself, her carrier as a video game designer, and the movie ends with an open ending. In the closing scene, we see Noah and Elle smiling at each other which might be a hint they must have end up together.

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