Kerala’s “Human Sacrifice”: The main suspect is called a “pervert”


Thiruvananthapuram: A guy who searched social media for women and lured them to the residence of the murderous pair was the prime suspect in the murder and mutilation of two women in a case of “human sacrifice” in Kerala.
The “agent” who provided the two women to the massage therapist pair Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila. The woman was 52-year-old school dropout Muhammad Shafi. In a 2020 case involving the sex assault of a 75-year-old lady, Shafi was free on bond. Shafi allegedly tracked out the victims Roselin and Padma on Facebook and lured them to the couple’s Pathanamthitta home.

He previously conducted this with other woman, as reported by the cops.

According to reports, Shafi paid the women for their participation in a pornographic movie. He also allegedly “recommended” Bhagaval Singh and Laila to perform a human sacrifice in order to solve their financial problems, according to the police. In June, Roselin vanished, and in September, Padma. In Ernakulam, they both sold lottery tickets.

According to the authorities, Padma  decapitated, strangled and then sliced into 56 pieces by Shafi. The detritus was stored in a bucket. Laila reportedly strangled Roselin and chopped off her breasts. “Shafi violated the ladies in sexually inappropriate ways. He provided customers with women for sacrifice and cannibalism “said CH Nagaraju, chief of the Kochi Police.

Investigations reveal that one of the ladies  subjected to knife abuse. It appears that human flesh  devoured, Mr. Nagaraju stated. According to him, Shafi  “addicted to sexual perversion, relished in brutality, and was a psychopath.”

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When the authorities found the deaths, they began searching into Padma’s whereabouts. The women’s phone were traced to Shafi. He  tracked down with the help of security footage and a Scorpio car he had abandoned. Investigations led the police to the house in Pathanamthitta, where the couple confessed.

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