An Extra Artery Growing In Our Arms; Scientist Says ‘Humans are still evolving’

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry
An Extra Artery Growing In Our Arms; Scientist Says 'Humans are still evolving'

Scientist shocking study on an extra artery

According to a study published in the Journal of Anatomy last year, the researchers from Flinders University and the University of Adelaide which is situated in Australia. The scientist of that University has found out a weird anatomy disfiguration, an artery that runs from the centre of our forearms which usually vanished once humans are out of their mothers womb has not quite vanished and is still growing.  That means there are already many adults and our future generation kids will have an extra channel of vascular tissue flowing under the wrist. Since the 18th Century , anatomist have been studying arteries and genetic mutation of a human body. They have noticed this particular artery has been present in individual and is rapidly increasing as the passage of time. The presence was around 10 percent in individuals born in the mid-1880s. It turned to 30 percent for the people born in the 20th century, said Teghan Lucas from Flinders University. Scientist says that from an evolutionary point of view that is a vast amount of growth in such a short amount of time.

The artery is known as median artery. This particular artery is known to form very early in the human body. This helps in the movement of the blood down the centre of the arms to enrich the growing hands. As suspected the artery would deplish away like most of the ancient human body parts that are no longer in use in this generation. Instead the artery has been growing rapidly under the skin and it has shown no traces of the artery to vanish back as assumed by the scientist.

Scientist and researchers presented an experiment  to understand how important this blood channel are. They  examined 80 limbs from cadavers donated by Australians of European descent. The donors aged from 51 to 101, indicating most were born in the first half of the 20th century. The result they found out indicates the median artery was capable of a good supply of blood. Then the team went forward in comapring this figure with the one they have found in their previous records. The asthonishing fact that they found out was that the artery was three times more common in adults today than it was over few centuries ago.

Advantage of Medain Artery

What does having the artery suggest? It means the artery is favoured in those who have retained an extra bit of blood supply. Lucas explained in a conversation with ScienceAlert, “This increase could have resulted from mutations of genes involved in median artery development or health problems in mothers during pregnancy, or both actually.” This extra artery means our arms and fingers will get more flow of blood to gro, it will become more stronger, impactful.

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Disadvantage of Medain Artery

But this condition also has one disadvantage, this artery puts us at a risk of contracting what we called as carpel tunnel syndrome. This syndrome suggest the patience will not be able to use much of his hand. It will not deprive the whole usage of his hand but to some extend it will lessen the usage of our hand.

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