Kapil Dev Talks About His Reaction And Family’s Reaction On His Biopic

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Kapil dev Biopic is all set to release and cricket and Bollywood fans are super excited about it. The trailer of 83 was dropped earlier this week and fashion been receiving immense love. Deepika Padukone glimpses as Romi Dev in the trailer are quite refreshing and at the same time intriguing as people hardly know about Romi’s contribution in her husband Kapil Dev’s career. Now, Kapil has revealed how he and his family reacted when they came to know that Deepika would be playing his wife Romi’s role in 83.

The fans are pretty excited about the series and are excited to see the real life husband and wife. Playing Playing the same role on reel life as well.

In a very recent interview the famously cricketer Kapil Dev was asked how did his family reacted when they came to know about Deepika will be playing the role of his wife. “I think mixed because I don’t know how much the role of my wife is in 83. So one does not realise that what they are trying to do there.”


Later in the Interview he also spoked about how he felt seeing Ranveer Singh playing playing the role of him. He said, “I think you feel happy that such a great, talented actor is trying to work on that. I was little worried also because it’s a very athletic job to do that. But the way he worked and the way he was working through out in the last one year, I couldn’t believe that somebody can be so much keen in trying to do so much in that movie.”

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He also revealed that Ranveer stayed at his place. To get more practical knowledge and to observe him. The cricketer was very closely studied by the actor. On the actor’s preparation process, he said, “I think I was confused in the first couple of days because I didn’t know what exactly is happening because when you have two, three cameras in front of you all the time and then he (Ranveer) said that – don’t worry if you just take your time, you will get used to it and that’s how I just took one day or two days I would say, after that it was all fine.”

When Ranveer Singh shared the iconic photo of him with Natraj shot on social media. The fans went crazy over the pic. So did Kapil Dev give him any insights on how to get that shot right? On this, a modest Kapil Dev said, “No, I think they have done enough research. They don’t need people like us to tell them what to do or how to do it. They are smart enough.” The movie was rescheduled  because of Covid.

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