Kajol Clarifies ‘Uneducated Politicians’ Remark: Intentions Explained

Kajol Clarifies 'Uneducated Politicians' Remark: Intentions Explained


Kajol clarifies the issue after backlash on ‘Uneducated Politicians’ remark. Kajol, known for her upcoming web series “The Trial: Pyaar Kaanoon Dhokha,” faced criticism for her statement on political leaders lacking an educational background. The comment sparked intense social media trolling and controversy. However, the actress has now taken to Twitter to clarify her stance on the matter.

Discussing the slow pace of change and women empowerment in India, Kajol pointed out the influence of education on societal progress. She mentioned that some political leaders lack an educational background. It is impacting their ability to provide a different viewpoint. Unfortunately, her remarks triggered a wave of negative responses on Twitter. Netizens are criticizing her own educational qualifications and family background.

Kajol Clarifies her Real Intentions

In response to the backlash, Kajol clarifies, stating that her intention was solely to emphasize the importance of education and not to demean any specific political leaders. She acknowledged the presence of exceptional leaders guiding the country on the right path.

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Supportive netizens expressed their opinions, asserting Kajol’s right to voice her perspective as a taxpayer and voter. They emphasized that her education or lack thereof should not undermine her ability to comment on political matters.

Kajol Continues to promote her Upcoming Web Series

While this controversy unfolded, Kajol continues to promote her web series, “The Trial: Pyaar Kaanoon Dhokha.” The Hindi adaptation of the American legal drama series “The Good Wife” features a talented cast including Jisshu Sengupta, Alyy Khan, Sheeba Chadha, and Kubbra Sait.


Kajol’s recent clarification sheds light on her statement regarding “uneducated politicians.” It emphasizes the importance of education and aims to foster a broader viewpoint among political leaders. Despite the initial controversy, it is crucial to understand her intentions and acknowledge her right to express her opinions. As Kajol continues her promotional efforts for “The Trial: Pyaar Kaanoon Dhokha,” her fans eagerly anticipate her debut in this Hindi adaptation of the popular American series.

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