Kabul Airport Getting Back To Normal – Qatar and Turkey Gave A Helping Hand

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Kabul Airport

After the bombing in the Kabul airport, it was very difficult for the people there to travel, and communicate. There are efforts being made and are under process to reopen the airport in Kabul the capital of Afghanistan.  Qatar’s foreign minister said Thursday, but it is still unclear about the flights if they are going to resume or not.

The reopening of the airport is very crucial and needy for Kabul, as people are still stuck there and are in a need of humanitarian aid.  For reopening the same, a group of technicians from Qatar and Turkey came to Kabul by air, to help them reopen the airport, which is very much vital. The aircraft which came full of technicians was the first foreign aircraft to land in the Kabul airport as it was closed due to many unstated and undesignated reasons.

The statement of the Qatari Foreign Minister Sheik Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al – Thani was very hopeful, “We remain hopeful that we will be able to operate it as soon as possible,”.  But it’s still an undergoing process, and no one knows how much time it will actually take.

There are hurdles and problems while working at the airport due to that Talibani’s rules and regulations.  As specified and highlighted by the foreign minister, that there is an immediate need to perform their fidelity to provide safe passage and freedom of movement for the people of Afghanistan”.

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Qatar, known for its very close contacts with the Taliban, and has a noteworthy role by helping U.S  efforts and steps to evacuate and getting out thousands of people from the chaotic and risky place of Afghanistan.

The foreign minister said Qatar is continuing talks with world powers to resume commercial flights at the airport. It remains to be seen whether any commercial airlines would be willing to provide service to Kabul when the airport reopens.

On the other hand, Turkey,  in which Turkey’s president Sheikh Mohammed said that he hopes that he can help Kabul by providing technical assistance, is “evaluating” plans which are offered by the Taliban and others to reopen the airport.

Also, thee Turkey Foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu adding to that told that the most important and crucial thing is security both inside and outside the airport should be reliable and should be given priority.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, the U.N. Humanitarian Air Service, operated by the World Food Program, said it has resumed some flights into Mazar-i-Sharif and Kandahar from Islamabad. It said three flights have already made the trip since August 29.

Other than this, in Afghanistan, the air service operated by World Food Program, said that some of the flights are being resumed into Maza-i-Sharif and Kandahar from Islamabad.  Adding to this he said that 3 flights have already taken a trip on August 29.

The U.N spoke person Stephane Dujarric gave a statement that “All efforts are being made to step up operations as soon as possible and increase the number of flown-to destinations in Afghanistan. In addition, a cargo air bridge is being established to transport non-food items, such as medical and other emergency supplies to where they are needed the most”.

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