Crisis in Afghanistan After Taliban – Safety of Afghan Citizen at Stake

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban and was takeover on 15th August 2021. The Taliban were removed from power in Afghanistan by US-led forces in 2001. And since then they have been waiting for their chance to come back and be capture. Afghanistan like they did 20 years back. President Biden decided to remove US troops . Under the U.S.-Taliban agreement to withdraw all troops by May 1. And instead release a plan for a full withdrawal by September 11, 2021. The life of civilians is at the stack and the safety of women is a questionable state.  When the Taliban took over Afghanistan the entire world was shocked. After following the capture of power by the Taliban is in now a war-torn stage.

Who is Taliban

Taliban is a fundamentalist Islamic force that captured and controlled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001 U.S. . Troops entered and took control over Afghanistan. The Taliban was founded in Southern Afghanistan by Mullah Mohammad Omar. He is a member of the Pashtun tribe who became a mujahedeen commander. They helped push the Soviets out of the country in 1989. Earlier  they were a group that fought against corruption, crime, and insatiability that happened in Afghanistan during the post-Soviet-era civil war.

Taliban’s actual meaning is ‘student’ in the Pashto language. It originally drew members from so-called “mujahideen” fighters who, with support from the United States, repelled Soviet forces in the 1980s. But very soon they started capturing bigger countries proclaiming Islamic rule which is a harsh interpretation of Islamic law. Soon after  Al-Qaeda, attack America in the 9/11 attack in 2001 U.S Army attacked Afghanistan. They captured and took over Afghanistan. The Taliban then moved to remote areas and hiding and waiting for U.S Army to move back. The leader of the Taliban Mullah Mohammad Omar also went into hiding and was only news that came in 2013  when his son confirmed that he is dead.

 Condition of Women in Afghanistan

Women have fought for over 20 years for their freedom, education, and basic human rights that women in other parts are enjoying .“We are deeply worried about Afghan women and girls, their rights to education, work, and freedom of movement.” This is the situation of women in Afghanistan.  Since 2001 when US Army moved to Afghanistan the situation was getting better. Many girls were provided education, women were able to work and go for more higher education. As of 2019 9 million, children were sent to get an education out of which  39% of them were girl children. And many women were working in various fields. But as of now, women are in fear of not only losing their jobs or education but for their safety and basic human rights.

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The life of women is uncertain in Afghanistan, there are many updates and reports coming from Afghanistan which is questionable on women’s safety. Afghanistan, after the Taliban took over, is a waiting game. And for Afghan women, the waiting game is agonizing. The whole world is in fear and pain for the women in Afghanistan.

Role of U.S. Army In Afganistan

One of the longest-running wars between the Taliban and Afghanistan ended on August 15, 2021. When the U.S. withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. The US should not have stayed – this was always going to happen said, President Biden. Biden said staying in Afghanistan for one or five more years wouldn’t have changed things. “It’s frustrating. It’s maddening. The speed at which this started collapsing makes it very hard. It’s faster than our ability to process our experiences over the last 20 years” said  Mike Jason US Army colonel who served for 24 years. The Afghan Army Collapsed and it was just a factor of time that the Taliban took over Afghanistan and shocked the entire nation and world.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said earlier this month Afghanistan risks becoming a pariah state if the Taliban takes power and commits atrocities.

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