“Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp 2”: What Happened At The End And What It Means For Season 3

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The second season of ” Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp ” is available on Netflix from Friday, January 22, 2021 and shows that abandoned campers, with no hope of rescue, believe that a small group of eco-tourists could be their salvation, but Things are not what they seem.

Darius and Sammy face a moral dilemma as they search for supplies in the park. While the campers begin to build a treehouse. When Brooklynn sees something strange, along with Sammy and Yasmina they investigate strange noises in the park and find something wonderful.

Thanks to a campfire they find some supposed ecotourists, but then it is revealed that Mitch and Tiff are not what they seem, since they only want to hunt the dinosaurs of the island and get rid of the campers.


In the last episode of the second season of ” Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp “, Darius feels guilty and is determined to protect the innocent dinosaurs of Nublar Island, even if he has to do it alone.

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But it is not necessary since the rest of the companions join his crusade. Together they manage to prevent Mitch and Tiff from catching the dinosaurs from the waterhole. Darius stops them from shooting, Brooklynn arrives to help him in a gyrosphere and the rest appear in a jeep and a bicycle, making loud noises that cause a stampede.

While everyone escapes to the hills, Mitch is caught in his trap and although Tiff tries to help him, he eventually abandons him when a Tyrannosaurus Rex approaches, who apparently eats Mitch, who only had an electric baton to defend himself.

The campers head to the ship Hap mentioned, but they can’t get on it because Tiff gets there first and tries to escape Isla Nublar alone. However, she doesn’t get very far because she discovers that she has a couple of Baryonyx on board, who probably ate her.

Finally, Darius says that he is already tired of them waiting to be rescued, so it is time to find a way to get out of Isla Nublar. The second season of ” Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous ” ended with a new threat: the E750 dinosaur experiment.


Netflix has yet to confirm a new season of the animated series, but the end of the second season paved the way for the third batch of episodes. In addition, the creators of have been excited about a continuation.

Executive producer Colin Trevorrow stated that he wants to continue weaving stories that will unravel secrets related to the entire Jurassic kingdom, as long as there is scope. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Trevorrow revealed that some parts of season 2 connect with Dominion.

“It is important to me, out of respect for the writers who continue to expand and create, to recognize [Camp Cretaceous] clearly as their own story and their own show. But this season, and if we have more opportunities to tell the story that we have [in Season 3], we will continue to weave the larger story together and really report some things … that I’m really excited about. “

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