After UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal is all fired up to go against Leon Edwards.

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
After winning UFC 287, Jorge Masvidal is all fired up to go against Leon Edwards.

Dana White has insistent that Leon Edwards’ next fight will be against Colby Covington. Although Jorge Masvidal is not so sure about telling what he thinks. He may can alter the UFC president’s mind with a victory over Gilbert Burns. And take the fight away from “cop-calling charlatan bitch ass Cupcake Covington.

“I can jump Colby 100 percent of the time.” “I feel it in my heart, I see it in my mind,” Masvidal, 38-year-old Masvidal told the sources. He claims UFC is ultimately a pay-per-view company. And Colby has never sold more than 300,000 pay-per-views. Or has made any saves when it was against him? “What are he and Leon going to do?”

Leon Edwards, 31, beat Kamaru Usman last month to keep his welterweight championship. To the dismay of some supporters who were really expecting to see Masvidal vs. Edwards. Dana White informed reporters Covington was the next in line after the battle.


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Naturally, Jorge and Leon have an intense beef, that reached a climax in the UK in 2019. When the two men got into a fight backstage after Edwards screamed at Masvidal. As he was being questioned after beating Darren Till.

Masvidal must first defeat fellow challenger Burns, the fifth-ranked fighter in the division, at UFC 287 on Saturday. Jorge thinks this matchup will fit Masvidal’s fighting approach.

Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns upcoming fight in UfC 287

Masvidal comments about his upcoming fight with Burns goes, “He throws hard on the standup, but he doesn’t understand the sweet science. He’s not familiar with arrangements. He has no concept of distance, pacing, or deception. Technically, I believe this is an excellent fit for me. I just have to turn up, put on my hard helmet, put on my mouthpiece, and get to work poking holes in this guy’s visage.”

Jorge Masvial and Gilbert  Burns will face off in the Octagon at Miami-Dade Arena in Masvidal’s hometown of Miami. Where Gamebred grew up battling older and bigger men in backyards and on the streets.

Masvidal still heavily promotes MIA… and the card is particularly significant to him because as a kid, he promised a friend that one day he’d bring a major UFC card back to South Florida, and now he has.

I turned to my companion and told him, ‘One day, I’ll bring a show over here to Miami.'” It took 20 years, but we’re finally here!” comments Masvidal.

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