Japan’s ‘Home of Aliens’ Over 450 UFO Sightings this Year

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Lino-machi in Fukushima’s Date District has been named the center of all things extraterrestrial. According to the town’s aliens UFO laboratory, 452 UFO findings have been reported in just the last 12 months, leading the little Japanese town to declare itself to be a hub for extraterrestrial life. Despite having less than 5,000 residents, the hamlet is bulging at the seams with space memorabilia, including alien statues and “fragments from crashed spaceships.”

japan UFO sightings

Numerous believers assert that the town is a “hotspot” for extraterrestrials who happen upon our planet, and the area receives hundreds of reports each year. There aren’t many lights in the town because of its limited population. Which residents claim is a big draw for aliens looking for a place to crash. With several monuments built in their honor and an observation tower for stargazing. Locals likewise appear to be entirely accepting of their rumored alien buddies.

japan UFO Museum

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The area also has a UFO Museum, “Home of Aliens’

Incredibly, 452 UFO sightings have been reported in the past year alone in the little Japanese town of Lino-machi, which lies in the Fukushima region. This tiny hamlet, which has fewer than 5,000 inhabitants, is jam-packed with all manner of space memorabilia. Including pieces of space probes that have crashed and even alien statues. It makes sense why the locals refer to it as the “home of aliens.”

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On National Highway 114, heading southeast from Fukushima City’s core. The scenery progressively changes from residential to a lush green area bordered by mountains. After traveling down a mountain road for about ten kilometers. One can notice a little odd signboard that reads “UFO-no-Sato,” after about fifteen minutes.

The debate over whether or not a white object is seen floating in the skies over the prefectures of Miyagi and Fukushima. On the morning of June 17, a UFO is still vivid in our minds. When information like this circulates. A certain facility in Fukushima receives a deluge of inquiries concerning its identity. The museum is home to thousands of UFO-related artifacts. Including classified CIA documents that provide records of UFO studies.

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