Jamtara Gangs Rises Again Attack On Delhi Security Director

Jamtara Expert in Phishing Technique

Jamtara is a small district in Jharkhand which is known for its notorious cybercrime. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar worked as a social reformer for 18 years in the district, miserably failing to give them the right direction. This time the gang tricked the director of the security service for ₹50 lakhs. It’s quite hard to believe they use the old technique of bank transfer but in a unique way. At this moment the fraudster hasn’t asked for the OTP (one-time password) but just with repetitive missed calls, they took ₹50 lakhs. Usually, Investigation takes time, but as he was in the security profession. The initial investigation suggests that the fraudster is from Jamtara. According to the report, they use the same old technique of using different names and account numbers.

Incident History

The Incident took place in a number of stages

  • The Incident took place on 10th October.
  • Director receives missed calls between the time interval of 7:00 PM – 8:44 PM.
  • Though he answered a few calls rest are ignored.
  • After a series of RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) messages pop up on his nearly and it is almost 50 lakhs.

The cyber officers recognize the Black Hat Use Sim Wrap and through the parallel call, they overheard the OTP.

Let’s understand the term SIM Wrap

Crooks somehow access the Users SIM(Subscriber Identity Module), mainly from customer care. They also obtain electronic SIM for the number authorized to their bank account. Using this number to receive OTP to do falsy transactions. Crooks generally become banking staff or telecom staff to receive personal details from the users.

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Jamtara – Hub of Phishing

Everyone is aware of the name Jamtara through a Netflix Web Series “Jamtara-Sabka Number Aayega”, which was released in 2020. The film’s main theme is cybercrime we see in a day to day life. The rising name of the district caused the government to set up the cyber police station in 2018. The Jamtara crooks usually use a technique of Phishing

Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega Cast
Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega Cast

Phishing:  It is a technique where crooks give greed of high amount of money or objects in return they are asked to deposit a small amount in order to get the final amount. So from this, they asked the personal information like OTP to do transactions.

Government and Banks give clear instructions not to give OTP to anyone. The banks never asked for the OTP campaign and advertisements were also telecasted.

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