Jammu-Kashmir will become prime destination for film industry

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

With 300 unexplored locations, Jammu and Kashmir will become prime destinations for the film industry.
In 2022, more than 200 films, television shows, and serials were filmed in Jammu and Kashmir. Which may be promising indication of the resurgence of the film industry there. This endeavor to highlight Jammu and Kashmir’s attractiveness was taken by the Union Territory Government and the Ministry of Tourism. Which was once a prime destination for filmmakers in the 1960s and 1970s.

jammu and kashmir mountainsSyed Abid Rasheed Shah stated, “We are planning 300 locations for filming movies so that production companies can choose any place for their shoots and the government will assist them in every way possible.” Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department. In 2022, last year, quite 200 movies, web series, and serials were shot in Jammu and Kashmir.

It may be promising indicator for Kashmir’s film tourist industry. The government has ensured a proper system that facilitates the filming of films. With permission and regulatory requirements through a single service point. The government has also developed a web portal that facilitates the outline of Jammu and Kashmir production houses.

Shah stated in his remarks at the G20 meeting in Srinagar that it presents fantastic chance to promote tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. jammu and kashmir mountainsHe also added that he can promote adventure tourism, film tourism, and entertainment tourism besides other promotional sectors. Since the university administration has taken the initiative to promote film tourism.

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Jammu and Kashmir is ready to attract filmmakers from all over the world to shoot their movies. Web series and series in the University of natural beauty and cultural heritage, becoming a prime destination for the film industry.

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