Jaipur Firm Announces ‘Netflix And Chill’ Holiday On The Release of Money Heist Finale

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Jaipur Firm Announces 'Netflix And Chill' Holiday On The Release of Money Heist Finale

The most famous Heist of all time- Money Heist is all set to come to an end. With the official announcement that the series finale is going to release on 3rd September 2021, fans can’t help but wait with bated breath.

The fifth and final season of Money Heist is going to hit the Netflix screen in two parts. Although the first part will be available for the global audience on Friday.

Jaipur firms get a shout-out from Netflix

A Jaipur-based company, Verve Logic, permitted its employees a ‘Netflix & Chill Holiday‘. CEO Abhishek Jain issued a letter that said ‘The management has decided to declare a Netflix and Chill Holiday on 3rd September 2021 on the release of Money Heist 5’. Like a true fan, the CEO ended the letter by writing ‘ Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao’. In the letter, they thanked the employees for their hard work during the testing times of Covid. And, even said that after such a long struggle ‘Ek Break to Banta Hai’.

The crazy fans out there are lauding the company’s move. Reportedly, the people have flooded the mailbox of the company with their resumes. The letter gathered a lot of attention and went viral on social media. As a result, Netflix also noticed it and retweeted it on Twitter. Netflix captioned the post ” We had our ‘bank work’ excuse ready for our boss but this is fantastic”.

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Sourabh Jain, the Business Head of Verve Logic has said that they did not have any plans of posting the notification online. However, many employees began sharing it on their profiles so they thought of posting it on the company’s social media handles. He shared that the move to announce the holiday on the release of the final season of Money Heist was to boost employee morale and reduce pandemic fatigue.

Many people did doubt the veracity of the letter. But,  Verve Logic confirmed the legitimacy of the letter on Twitter. The company even released a schedule for the day.


After the post of Verve Logic went viral, many employees from other companies also began to appeal to their respective companies to announce a leave. People tagged their bosses to give an off on Friday. Earlier this month, a similar incident happened when an employee requested leave for watching Modern Love Season 2 on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime retweeted the letter posted by the employer and wrote ‘ August 13, find us on leave too’

While Volume 1 is releasing on 3rd September, fans will have to wait for another 2 months to know how the Heist will end. The second and Volume 2 of Season 5 will be released in December 2021.

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